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Found a cool app called Zolt that gives you 60 word summaries of the news. For every 2 downloads they donate a book to charity! Use my code 'A2PW'

This is a very strong lesson...
When I think about it my mother said that my father never wanted me when he found out that she was with child he actually wanted her to get an abortion. Sometimes I think why am I such a strong person? Why do God allow all these terrible things to happen to me? Especially when it comes to my heart. I hate my life because, of my love life. I wish I had no heart I wish that I could be cruel like all the other bad people out there. I wish I was a devil like person I wish that I wasn't afraid to die. maybe things would be easier for me. I think sometimes my cousin I remember one day we was talking and she said " that she wanted to die because, she felt that it was her fault that her dad died. I wish that I never came back out here I should have stay away from this city. I remember my really close friend John I tried looking for him but he died too. I started thinking well everybody is leaving. And then I thought well what about the people I know that is in the living world but they are always doing something bad to me. If it is not setting me up it is stealing, or lying on me, or trapping me somewhere, shooting at me, or trying to beat my brains out. Like they are ALWAYS trying to kill me. In little ways and showing me guns an stuff I do not want friends like that. Why would a true friend show someone they car about bad things and drugs? I never smoke weed and never had a drinking problem. It just shows me that the people who died are the ones who cared about me. They never showed me guns, weed, alcohol, did sex without marriage nothing bad and those real friends that I.. I...had are not replaceable. I guess I got to wait until a new world come. A New World.
New World Order

There comes a time in your life when...........
I do not know the rest whatever it means I am not to sure but, I think that I am going through " That time in life". I do not want to talk to anybody really I...Just feel so strange I never felt like this ever in my entire life. It feels like each an every time I want to love somebody and I really end up loving that person some THING comes along and takes him away. First it was my first fionce Ferrez, then it was Andrew and now after all the things I forgave him for it just shows how much I am hated. And on top of that it feels like it just won't go away. I remember I tired to move away so many times but, my mom kept on sending my half sister to my friends house and now that I am stuck here it is just what my friend Scott said it was going to be a Nightmare and I might loose my life. I barely knew him and it was like he knew everything that was going on in my life. I remember he tried to fight for me and he paid my way to White Fish Montana I regret coming back with a so called concern half sister actually she was being nosy. Years later she tried to Murder me and she ran upon my daughter calling her all kinds of racist names. And I ask myself is this why they wanted me to live here with them? They think that I am just going to sit around and let them control my life? And she got paid by a guy to beat me police had to take pictures of my face yeah the same girl who stop me from leaving the state. My life is HELL. women sleeping with the man I love see if I never came back I would never be going through this.

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Hey, I am so beautiful..... Look at me.... Those LIPS.... That Neck... Aw, ain't I just the sexiest woman????
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How is everyone doing?

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Thanks for joining Pose 4 World Peace .

Hello, How are you today? I hope that you find conversations here meaningful, and beneficial to your daily life. Maybe you will see that life means more than what meets the eye. or maybe you will realize something that will protect you from danger. Being peaceful with people in general means that you are making a difference with you attitude towards life, and people which is a life. Welcome to " POSE 4 "
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