Hi, I want to root and flash an ROM on my Nexus 9 LTE.
I am running on 7.1.1 stock right now.
Which is the simplest way to root the Nexus 9?

Help is appreciated.

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My N9 getting slugish. Needs daily restart. Android 7.1.1. July 2017 sec update. Any suggestions?

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Current home screen on my Nexus 9.

Could someone expand the main memory of Nexus 9?

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Ever wonder how does the tech age??
Here is our review of Nexus 9!!
Hope you like it!

Oh no. I can't get my Nexus 9 to power on. Any suggestions?

I've got two N9's that I just started to use to play music in my place of business. After about 3 hours of listening to Google Play music through the headphone jack, both tablets turn the music into distorted sounds and static. The only way to stop this is to unplug the headphone jack and then plug it back in and hit play again. Anybody know what gives? I wiped both tablets and reset them as well as all new audio chords. 

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Nexus 9 New life.
I was about to wipe my Nexus 9 because of extremely poor performance on Google Plus. Was hanging a lot and very slow to respond. Other sites too.

Glad I didn't. Turned out a network settings reset under wireless network made it whole again. Goes to show to try the simple first. Nothing else on my wifi network was having any problems.

Hope this helps someone else.

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One more arrow in the heart of the Nexus 9 😞
According to a statement from the company, Google currently has no plans to bring Google Assistant to Android tablets. #News #GoogleAssistant
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