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Here it is. The big moment. Big Action Mega Fight! has officially launched on Google Play! You can get it now for the special launch week price of $1.99 at the link below (it'll be $2.99 after July 1st).

A little backstory: we took a sharp turn away from freemium over the past few months and decided to make BAMF! a premium title. After getting so much great feedback from all of you, we decided this was the right decision in order to make BAMF! the best possible game. We're pleased with the results, since there is no compromise: no ads, no timers, no in-app purchases. Just pure brawling goodness.

Enjoy, and thanks for all your help!

To everyone who took part in this public beta for Big Action Mega Fight!: thank you!

With your help, we've added Immersive Mode, we've improved the controls, we've rebalanced the game's prices, upgrades and enemies, we've fixed an uncountable number of bugs. And we couldn't have done it without you.

We'll be shutting down the beta shortly and pulling the app from TestFairy now that BAMF! is in such great shape. In other words...


So played the game to the end. Really fun though the throw seemed finicky, sometimes not working or just happening when I was punching. I kept running into the time trials at the end and just having to wait until the past conquered areas gave me enough money to upgrade some things, which isn't so fun. There is an occasional glitch on where the screen will be a bit too low (like the display will slightly down beneath the screen, but the points where you are to touch the buttons will be in the same place) and I have to close and restart it to fix it. It was a solid experience throughout with a few minor gripes. :)

I'm using your testfairy build and can never connect to the Play Games services to view my achievements.

I've just pushed a small update that adds Immersive Mode.

This is also a test of our testing platform! You should receive the update automatically, and your save file should not be affected. Let me know if anything misbehaves :)

Double Tap to Roll

After comparing the Android beta with the iOS version of BAMF! on my iPad 3, I've noticed that the roll move isn't as reliable on Android. For some reason, when I double tap to roll on the Android beta, it doesn't always register. On iOS the roll feels more responsive and, thus reliable.

Maybe make the double tap a little more forgiving on the Android version? On higher levels, the unreliable roll makes things even harder.

Out of Lives? Wait!

I can't stand the wait timer to play after I've died 3 times. I want to keep playing! In addition to reviving Brick after he gets knocked out, let us buy continues with coins or gold teeth.

Every time I see the timer I go and play another game, when I could be playing BAMF! instead ...

Installed the APK from testfairy on my new Moto G running 4.4.2

After clicking to sign-in to google games, said "sign-in error", then the game started.  Crashed after I finished the first (training) level and clicked 'next'.

When I restarted the app, there again was an error signing in.

Brooke and Coach

As I mentioned elsewhere, I think this game needs at least one more playable character, preferably 2. It would be nice to be able to switch characters from time to time for more variety. Here are some of my ideas for Brooke and Coach. Take em or leave em ☺


Her standard attacks should be kicks (instead of punches, like Brick's); her "uppercut" should be some kind of flip kick. Her throw, should be forward (instead of backward, like Brick's). Her specials should emphasize her speed and agility. She should have an "Eagle Punch", like Brick's. Her core attributes and specials would need to be upgraded separately from Brick's; but Buff upgrades would be shared by all characters.

Basically, where Brick is strong, Brooke should be fast and agile. Her walking and rolling speed should be faster than Brick's


A special request from me. I think Coach would make a great 3rd character! He could use punches and an uppercut, like Brick. But his throw would go forward instead of backward, and Coach could throw heavy and light enemies. His specials should all be grapples, suplexes, pile drivers and body slams. Give him a "Fistnado" exactly like Brick's.

Basically, Coach should be slower than Brick but more powerful.


This game needs more characters. The core mechanics are solid. Please focus on expanding the roster of playable characters. You can make them unlockable, or you could make them separate IAPs (please don't though). More characters would spice up the gameplay and broaden this game's appeal. Even if a playable build of Brooke isn't ready, try to add her in an update shortly after you launch BAMF! on Android.

Looking good so far!

Immersive mode is a must!

Is game progress sync integrated into you Google game services? That'll be a complaint by users if it isn't integrated...

I'm not a fan of tap to move. Any virtual joystick implementation planned for the future?

Upon release, an ad free version would be a nice gesture. I see many complaints. People will gladly spend a couple of bucks to disable those.

Character customization would be sweet. I actually was quite disappointed that it didn't have it since it just SEEMS like it would be a part of this type of title.

I wouldn't mind testing the abilities and level caps and such if you have a modified apk with a modified amount of stars or purchase options disabled.
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