Do rogues take hostages?

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is a rogue and loves it
NAME: bloodpath
KITS: none
MATE: none
LIKES: fighting
DISLIKES: not fighting

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Name: Harley

Age: 48 moons.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight.

Clan: None.

Personality: If he is a close friend with you, he will help you, Kind, Can be playful

Appearance : Ginger and gray tom with light blue eyes.

Crush: Unknown.

Mate: None.


Born as a loner, Harley usually explored the forest with his sister, Bumble. His father was dead before he was even born. Harley's mother, Petal, said that he looked just like his father. When Harley was 10 moons, he met a cat named Kink. Kink offered to let him stay with his group. Harley agreed to staying with the group that was called "The Dawn." The Dawn was a group of 5 ferocious cats. Kink was known to be the leader of the group. And it seemed as if Venom served as his deputy. The Dawn would go around and kill cats around dawn. Harley did not like that idea at all. He would make cats fake their deaths and Kink would believe they were dead. When Harley was 20 moons, Kink had ordered him to kill a queen and her 4 kits. Harley refused. Kink and the group drove out Harley and threatened to kill him. Harley now lives in an abandoned barn. He will be trustworthy if you get to know him.

((Rp anyone?))

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Name: Scratch
Age: 36 moons (3 years)
Gender: Male
Personality: Independent, Can be short tempered and snappy, If he becomes your friend he will be trustworthy
Kin: Snip (BloodClan)
Mate: None
Crush: None
Bio: Scratch was born and raised in BloodClan. He was a great fighter. Scratch started to hate life in BloodClan. He was then caught sneaking prey to clan cats and was driven out. Also, Gold had torn his ear. Scratch now lives as a rouge ever since he got rid of his collar.


40 moons


no kits

no mate

no crush

a pure white tom with a black paw and a silverstripe on his back one of his eyes are blue the other green

no pics DX 

Pebble and Puddle were followed by a group of cats then heard a shriek from Stone
((Rp with 2 people))

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Name: Half
age: 19 moons
Clan: Loner
Brother: Flight

Name: Flight
Age: 19 moons
Clan Loner
Brother: Cloud
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Name: Stone
Clan: Rouge
Age: 16 moons
Mate: None
kits: None
Crush: Red
HALF sisters: Pebble and Puddle

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Name: Enchanted
Clan: Rouge
Age: 17 moons
Crush: Eternal
Bestie: Stone and Infinity
Mate: None
Sister: Infinity
Personality: She is a TOTAL tom boy. She is sweet and loyal. She loves nature and water! She has a very close secret.. That if she says it it could ruin her life!
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