name: Nightseeker
Gender: female
age: 8 years old
powers: can read minds, fortel the future and animus
tribe: Nightwing (with traces of icewing)
mother: Galaxy
father: Rogue (assassin)
siblings: Stormcaster (brother) and Starflinger (sister)

Name: Sandfall

Age: 10 Years

Looks: Tan scales with shimmering white under scales, white horns like a icewing's, and light blue eyes

Personality: Sometimes very serious but other times she can be very playful, She can be in heat or cold, it doesn't really bother her

Gender: Female

Tribe: Sandwing/ Icewing

Mate & Offspring: None At The Moment

Rank: First circle in the icewing kingdom

Other: Her parents, Snowfall(Icewing) and Scorpion(Sandwing) met during a meeting between the two tribes when the war was still going on. After the war was done, the two fell in love and had a little dragonet, Sandfall

Name: Twisted Dream
Gender: Female
Age: 10 Moons
Personality: Twisted Dream is your usual nightwing, but she is far colder, nastier and a bit skinnier than others. She will kill you without a second thought if you anger her. But if you stay on her side, your as safe as a kept egg from Burn, Blister, and Blaze. She normally helps friends and family, that is IF she had any friends. Due to her vicious, daring, cold self, she would hate any tribe, and due them no respect, even if it meant execution. But snap or bite at her, your as dead as a scavenger. Although Twisted Dream is very young, she has a soul made of fire, fierce enough to burn through any dragon. So they say she is in the generation of Dark Stalker, for that is another reason everyone fears her; They’re afraid Dark Stalker will come, find them, and kill them if they disrespect Twisted Dream.
Family: Secret Keeper/Mom, Twilight Wing/Dad, Moon Watcher/Sister, Comet Crusher/Brother, Dark Stalker/Uncle, Clear Sight/Aunt, Broken Rose/Great Grandma, Scarred Heart/Great Grandpa
Friends: Fate Speaker (Night wing), Raspberry (Rain wing),Glacier (Ice wing), Scorch (Sand wing, Flare (Sky wing) And Whale (Sea Wing)
Mate: None
Crush: Dark Ice
Bio: Born Under The Deadly Volcano That Erupted Days After Her Birth, Twisted Dream Was Forced To Live Under The Mountain With The Talons Of Peace. Not Truly Wanting To Root With Them, She Always Gets Herself Purposely In Trouble So She Can Help Her Friends. Her Closest Friend, Known As Raspberry, Was Never Actually Happy And Friendly Like Other Rain wings. He Never Liked Bathing In The Sun, But Always Stayed Under The Mountain. He Purposely Killed Her Favorite Guardian, Who Was Also A Rain wing, Dew Because She Shoved Him In The Sun, And Raspberry HATES Light. After Being Known For Killing, Twisted Dream Became Feared By All Dragons. And Nobody Knew Where She Came From Because Dew Had Just Found Her.
Guardians: Dew (Rain wing), Winter (Ice wing), And Tide (Seawing).

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*Howdy I'm new here! This is my SandWing oc, can someone give me the oc template please?

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Scorch, The Sandwing Princess Made A Hissing Sound As The Skywings Soldiers Threw Her Into The Arena, Where You Stood On The Other Side, Watching Her Stinger Nervously As It Arched. She Whipped Around, Biting The Last Guard On The Neck As She Reached Forwards, Stabbing His Chest. "Stupid Skywing Solider Trying To Capture Me." Scorch Hissed, Flicking Her Barb.

You Stood On The Other Side, Talons Scrambling To Get Away From The Sound. The Faint Murmuring, "Claws Up! Fight!" The Sandwing Lunged At You, Jabbing Her Barb At Your Face. You Dive Into The Air, Hiding Behind A Icewing Prisoner. The Sandwing Seemed Confused, Hissing.

Name: Scorch

Age: 15 Years

Gender: Female

Tribe: Sandwing

Mate & Offspring: None At The Moment

Family: Thorn;Mother I Six Claws;Father I Sunny;Sibling I Tumbleweed;Sibling

Personality: Scorch Is Usually Violent Sandwing. She Admires Her Dragon Stinger And Slashes Irritating Dragons With It. She's Usually Rather Shy Around Nightwings Ever Since She Heard Morrowseer And Queen Battlewinner Died, Although She Hated Them. She Hates Rainwings AND Nightwings, Now That They've Joined Together. She Is Curious Yet Brave And Violent. She Always Ticks Off Icewings And Happens To LOVE To Trick Rainwings Into Letting Them Steal Their Eggs And Crush Them, Feeding Them Off To The Tribe Of Sandwings. Although She's A Princes, She's Also An Aminus. She Has Already Received An Invitation To The Jade Mountain Academy And Is Thinking On Going. She Has Not Used Her Aminus Powers Which She Got From Her Great Grandfather, And Is Not Planning On Listening To Anyone Who Tells Her To. She Sometimes Visits The Scorpion Den With A Few Friendly, Stupid Skywings. Then Of Course, She Kills Them. She Is Smart Around Icewings And Stabs Them In The Heart With Her Barb Before They Breathe Their Icy Breath On Her.

Status: Princess Of The Sandwings

Bio: Scorch Was Born Around When Sunny Was Welcomed Truly As The Daughter Of Thorn, Princess Of Sandwings. Her Egg Was A Surprisingly Pale Gold Color With Flickers Of A Darker Gold Across It. It Had A Small Line Running Across The Front, Almost Brown. Soon After She Turned 5 Years Old, Tumbleweed Was Born. Her Father, Six Claws, Always Took Care Of Tumbleweed, Sunny, But Not Scorch. They Left Her Out Of Chasing Skywings And Icewings And Killing Them. They Teased Her Because She Was Born With A Scar Rippling Across Her Face, Even Sunny, Although It Was Mostly Tumbleweed. So She Wanted Revenge Of Tumbleweed. Tumbleweed Was A "Ew No Way I'm Messing Up My Scales!" Dragon. Just Like Blaze, But A Little More Dizzy And Stupid. So, One Night Scorch Woke Up And Slashed Tumbleweeds Eye With Her Barb. They Rushed Tumbleweed Away To Heal Once Tumbleweed Screamed, But It Left TWO Scars On Her Right Eye, Blinding Tumbleweed In That Eye. Sunny And Tumbleweed Let Scorch Join In Everything, And Six Claws Cared Deeply For Her. Scorch Lived Happily, But Not So Happy When Her Closest Friend Died, Sandstorm And Sahel. She'll Never Forget Them, For She'll Haunt And Kill Each Skywing.

Splasher sits on a rock by the sea, gazing at the stars above What a beautiful night (anyone welcome!!!)

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Drawing my night wing oc

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Another nightwing drawing
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