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PREVIEW: New Social Media Management Packages from Nick Lewis Communications!

As of Thursday 1st March 2018, +Nick Lewis Communications will be offering new Social Media Management services to new and existing customers.

Two new strands - Strategic and Basic - offer credible, effective options to businesses, organisations and individuals with different budgets and marketing goals.

Find out more via:

#SocialMediaManagement #SocialMedia #Social #Digital #Social #Twitter #LinkedIn #Facebook #OnlineMarketing

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Just a quick reminder that if you'd like more business from Social Media in 2017, there's a free training tonight at 8pm UK time, 3pm EST​​

> The three things you need to succeed on Social Media in 2017
> How to boost your sales on Social Media in the next 60 days
> The #1 thing to get right BEFORE you start posting and engaging on Social Media (miss this and your marketing will be really hard work) ​​​​​​
​​If you're ready to replace fear with confidence, confusion with clarity, and overwhelm with outcomes, then join me to discover a new way of boosting your sales with Social Media in 2017.
Now is the time to gear up for next year so join me and find out how to get your Social Media plans nailed down for 2017!


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If you run a business are you using Facebook Live Streaming to build your community, influence and clout online?

Starting on Monday I'm running a 7-day Facebook Live Challenge in the Modern Marketing Club ( and hope you'll join me to "pop your Facebook Live cherry"!! #jfdi #golive

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Hi everyone, hope you're having a good weekend. As someone interested in Modern Marketing I wanted to let you know that the Modern Marketing Club group is now open on Facebook; for #socialmedia and #digitalmarketing tips, support, and training. I find I get better traction on Facebook and use G+ mainly for SEO purposes now.

Do come and join us there - I look forward to reconnecting.
Cassie x

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Hello! It's a share day today. Share one of your other social media profiles today and visit other people's profiles. You'll make some new friends!

I'll start with my Twitter


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Just added a new video "How To Stay Safe Online" 

Based on a presentation I was involved with - regarding how to stay safe online for business owners running a business from home

#staysafeonline   #onlinesecurity  

Been very quiet here - my apologies - will be posting weekly tips and videos now.........if it's useful please LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, if not this group is probably not the right one. 

And would love you to share your tips, blog posts etc. too (in the appropriate section please!). Thanks

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Today's Top Tip

Take a mini-challenge and create a Valentine's Day meme for your customers, members, subscribers, Facebook them you appreciate them and care about them. No selling, no strings. Just say thank you. 

CLICK HERE [] for a blog post tutorial on using Canva to great amazing free graphics, in 5 minutes or less - like the one I made for you here 

Have a great #valentinesweekend  

Cassie and Team MMSpark x

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Are your clients committing the cardinal sin of Google images?

So many people seem to commit the cardinal sin of using images from Google for their marketing. You can't just take images off Google and use them as you like - many are copyrighted or licensed. So in answer to the next question from many of my contacts and clients which is "where can I find great free images for my website and social media?", I've put together a fairly comprehensive list

Do you have other good quality free image sites that should be included? (with full written credit to you of course!)

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Looking forward to our Google Hangout today........we'd love you to join us if you'd like to get your business holiday-ready!
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