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Resource Priority Corn

Here we go again! impossible to play ! Grrrrrr

please tell me where to find the game for my PC. I have tried the link that others have sent me and it is NOT working. Would love to play again. Thank you to anyone that can help.

The game is blocked for several days, impossible to play! is it the same for you?

hi i need neighbors on my 2 farms . you can send invitations to to add one of them but i can only add neighbors to the other one by sending invitations to your e-mail address if you post it here

need neighbours

how to download??

I need neighbors in the online game.  One of my farms cannot accept invitations, so I need a address I can send an invitation to.  Put it here, or mail to You can invite that address too, but that's a different farm.

HALLO....Greenfarmspieler...Suche noch viele nette Nachbarn...wer möchte,bitte Einladung

Man, ist das ein Mist. Die Greenfarm öffnet ja selten mal...
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