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Apple Music first look

I eagerly downloaded the free copy of MacPhun's Focus 2 (as mentioned on the podcast) at .

However, it's currently unusable on my Mac Mini due to frequent beach-balling/freezing and crashing. Tweaking with the effects, or even exporting images causes it to lockup and eventually need a Force-Quit to remove it.

How is it working for others?  (just wondering if it an issue with my system or with this app)

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OMG! It's working! iTunes Match running nicely and natively in OS X 10.5.8 on my 12" PowerBook G4! So cool.

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I think Jason makes two good points about the loss of simplicity and being the first new Cook/Ive product design.

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I KNEW it! Yes! Beautiful! I'll use my current 12" PowerBook for remoting in while they get the glitches out and then this little charmer will be my Christmas gift to moi.

Thank you, Apple!

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UPDATE: ignore below Rube Goldberg process - I guess it's interesting as far as being another idea on getting iCloud Drive to store other stuff. But, silly me, I found I can accomplish what I need by just telling Downcast to regularly update the the list for new episodes but wait to stream until I want to actually listen.

Here's a cool idea ...

A couple months ago, to be able to get an iPhone 6 Plus, I was forced to take the 16GB model because it was worth your life to find a 64GB or 128GB AT&T version. Now I'm already bumping against the wall because I have lots of apps, listen to lots of audiobooks, and follow like 50 podcasts. What to do?

I'm already a heavy iTunes Match and iPhoto user, so why not offload my audiobooks and podcasts to iCloud Drive and play them from there? Turns out you can - here's how:

(Assumes using Downcast and FileBrowser apps. And you'll want to create a "Podcasts" folder on iCloud Drive.)

1. Search desired show(s) using Downcast and subscribe as desired. After episodes are downloaded then ...
2. Switch to the Podcasts section (in Downcast) and ....
3. Touch the [i] icon to right of a recently downloaded episode then ...
4. Touch the folder icon on the bottom line of screen. Next ...
5. Select "Copy to Storage Provider" then ...
6. Select "iCloud" then ...
7. Select the "Podcasts" folder you created earlier and ...
8. Select "Export to this location."
9. Jump back to Downcast's Podcast Library and delete that podcast to free up the space on your iPhone (because you just copied it into iCloud Drive).

Then, to listen to your podcasts, just fire up FileBrowser (or any other file explorer that's enabled for iCloud Drive) and listen!

+Ewen Rankin
Been meaning to tell you that this subscriber finds the new Mac Show intro, with the regular guests clapping, 'absolutely fabulous'! Well done! The shows get better and better.

(However, I do miss watching your cat meander around the set ;=)

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Food for thought ...

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Isn't it about time apple caught up? There paltry 5 gig for all devices is rediculous.

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Wow! Why haven't I heard this before now? I guess because the S5s, Note 4s, and Edges aren't yet officially shipping. From what I can see, this isn't on an Apple "fanboy" site. Pretty damning for Samsung, wouldn't you say?
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