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Welcome to Auracle Beta testing! To become a beta tester for Auracle, click the link below and follow the instructions on the page.

Thanks, and happy testing!
- Andrew

I love how it work this music player and control view it is implemented.

Only one annotation, when i have many song in the playlist and press on add button, the app crashed.
In my case, I have Playlist lasts about to 4:15:00 - 10:13:28.

An idea would be to implement for example a Dialog with ProgressBar...

Good job with the application.

pd: Please excuse my poor English

Update inbound:

• Fixed crash when setting themes with Substratum
• Fixed crash when deleting a song
• Fixed crash when scanning music without read permissions
• Fixed crash when opening the Queue view

Split view would be great to have, ie you have current song playing on top and below you can browse the song/album list or the queue.

You should try to figure out a way to make an eq that doesn't lower the volume of the device, or a volume hack. That would be AWESOME!

Update Inbound:

• Added support for relative playlists
• Fixed crashes in scanning, settings, and the notification
• Fixed crash in Now Playing
• Fixed crash when downloading album art
• Fixed crash in folders view

Unless already requested - could you implement an option to have the rating feature enabled permanently, ie not needing to access it separately via the menu for each song. Thanks for considering!

Every time I try to play music on my HTC one m9 Verizon, it stops! 😧

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Update Inbound:

• Using Media Style notifications on Lollipop+
• Added ability to add Playlists to home screen within app
• Android O notification channels
• Prevents Enter key creating new line in search
• Fixed bug where notification flickered when song changed
• Notification shows everywhere when music is playing
• Added setting to resume playback on headphone plug
• Fixed crash reporting bug
• Fixed bug in folder browsing where other songs in folder weren't played
• Fixed crash in genres view

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Hey i am facing some issue while changing song in status bar app automatically hide
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