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Cialis Side Effects

Though Cialis has established itself as a drug with minimal side effects, but in some cases noticed side effects. Like any manufacturer, the company is obliged to write about any side effects, even if they manifested at least 1 person per 1,000.
The main side effects of Cialis this:
1) Headache (was 4%)
2) back Pain, lower back (was 3%)
3) nasal Congestion (15%)
4) Redness of the face or cheeks (7%)
It is also worth noting that side effects are most often manifested itself with an overdose of the body.

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What is Cialis online
Cialis is a unique drug that has cured hundreds of thousands of men. The drug treats erectile dysfunction, and in 100% of cases after the first dose helps to achieve sexual intercourse within 36 hours. Cialis yellow, frosted look. Has no taste or smell. Works very efficiently with the first dose. Viagra works for 6 hours, Levitra for 12 hours, Cialis is the most effective and works 36 hours. Cialis is the brand and generic. One is made in the USA and another in Canada.
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