So I love Breakfast Cult with all my heart but you know what it doesn't have? Enemies that explicitly attack mentally. Probably the closest thing to it are the Columbi and the Idol of Shub-Niggorath, with their 'Mystery of Authority' and 'Idolatry' stunts. And this seems like a weird omission for an Eldritch Horror-themed game. Maybe we can get some in the next Lovecraft supplement, whenever that comes out?

Hello Breakfast Cult Community,

I am running a campaign with this amazing looking game in the next weeks with all it麓s potential, but i am a little cautious about writing my own episodes.

Is there a place to share or is someone willing to share their own episodes of this game so i can get a grasp what works and what doesn麓t?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey folks! I haven't used G+ a lot lately, but just in case you haven't seen it yet...
Hey folks! I'm back to tell you about the latest project I'm doing.

My tabletop game Breakfast Cult has been going pretty well, and I'm looking to take on another project in 2017 so I can afford to dedicate more time to expansions. So we've decided to make a Breakfast Cult visual novel!

Breakfast Cult: the Visual Novel is a tale of high school mystery and cosmic horror, based on the tabletop game. You play as Pinky, a student who was recently let back in after expulsion, as they struggle to uncover a plot that could destroy the Academy without getting in trouble with the increasingly suspicious Foundation that run the school.

We're pretty confident in this, but we've just launched and we could still use a push to help us get over the line. If it sounds interesting to you, it's a great time to check it out! If you know someone who'd be interested, please share it!

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You probably noticed, but Sweet Shub And Hella Thotep is out! Here's a breakdown of where we're at:

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This is another KS cross-post, but here's a fun bonus: the formatting KS displays in the update is not the formatting I see in the edit panel, so this update is missing bold/headers and I have no idea why. Enjoy my pain!

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Time to cross-post another update! Short version: Print edition Friday, along with the audio book and another thing (it's a secret). Also, I try a plan to increase the Kickstarter budget and Kramer gets stuck in a lift at Gen Con.

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By the way, I set up a website for this thing now. I'm still fiddling with it, so if there's anything I should add/change let me know!

(Full disclosure: It's Wordpress)

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I said I'd cross-post Kickstarter updates here, so here's a G+ post about the KS post where I talked about G+.

Also, Sweet Shub cover!

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