My sugars have been in control however, it took five days in the hospital for this to happen.
I dropped into the lower 30's and remained there for over 13 hours. Not fun.
Join us for the best way to overcome diabetes. We need as many people as possible to get on board for the biggest battle ever, DIABETES.

Let's show the insurance companies, upper management in the medical field and anyone who thinks DIABETES IS A JOKE JUST HOW WE TRULY FEEL ABOUT BEING TOLD... NO WE CAN NOT HELP YOU.
Let's do this people it's time. When you get this post place it around the world, it is time to fight.


The insurance industry say's that some of us who suffer with sexual dysfunction do to diabetes cannot receive the proper medicines with out paying out of pocket, why?

Not everyone can afford the $220.00 for five pill's, can you?

Thoughts, what do you think?
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