Senate Now Orders Forensic Audit Into 'Ghost Nakuru County Government Staff' ...Amid Reports that the Auditor General Office bribed to water down it's annual findings... ...A Nakuru County Analysts and Nakuru County News Online Exposé.....By Elijah Kinyanjui ---------'-'----April 28 2016

The Senate has ordered a thorough 'forensic audit ' of all financial transactions and project costing as well as staff hiring at the Nakuru County Government since its formation.

The Senate yesterday directed the Auditor General to re-examine the financial status of the Nakuru County Government saying the reports his office has so far submitted fail far from reflecting the 'actual status' of the Governor Kinuthia Mbugua administration.

The decision was made yesterday by the Senate Public Accounts Committee following numerous complaints about funds wastage and misappropriation in the last three years.

Sources indicate that one of the complaints the Senate received was that the AGs office received Sh 40m from the Nakuru County Executive to downplay the findings of the inaugural 2013 report of the finance status of Nakuru.

Yesterday, we've established, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua and 10 of his officers appeared after being summoned by the Senate, this time to respond to accusations of illegal hiring of ghost workers as well as unlawful hiring of new staff members who were reportedly inserted into the county's bloated payroll after hundreds of thousands of shillings reportedly exchanged hands between individuals seeking jobs and their proxies and county staff under questionable circumstances.

An ad hoc committee of the Nakuru County Assembly early this month established that these practices had indeed occurred.

After tabling its report the committee was ordered reconstituted and reassigned to make a more indepth scrutiny of the County payroll and unearth exactly what happened in what's being termed a probe into the rot at Nakuru County Executive.

This was after the committee reported that not all required documents were availed nor possibly implicated top county staff honoured their summons.

The most culpable culprits in the scandal unearthed by the Njoro MCA Ezekiel Kungu Chaired heavily implicated the Nakuru County Public Service Board Chaired by former Masinde University lecturer Dr Waithanji Mutiti and Public Service Management department who's Minister is Prof Catherine Kitetu who's the immediate former Education Minister and an ex varsity lecturer as well.

Nakuru Senator James Mungai is reportedly the one who invited the Senate to start probing the financial impropriety popolularly known as #RotInNakuruCountyGovernment by the residents.

Those who appeared yesterday before the Senate PAC chaired by Prof Anyang Nyong'o were inter alia:

1. Governor Kinuthia Mbugua

2. Deputy GovernorJoseph Ruttoh

3. Ag Finance Minister Anne Njenga who's also the Trade, Tourism and Industrialisation Minister

4 Finance PS Ernest Kapaiya Parsaloi

5. Finance Director Wilson Mungai

6 Education PS Joseph Tonui

7. Roads PS Eng Stephen Mwaura

8. Legal Advisor Hari Gakinya

9. County Accountant Dan Odundo

10. Public Service Board Secretary James Mbugua

Our info is that the Governor KM led-delegation was ordered to avail without fail all relevant documents for scrutiny and will be recalled on notice (meaning no specific date was set for them to return to be grilled more) by the Senate who's key roles include allocating and approving funds to the 47 Counties as well as oversighting their usage of allocated taxes.

The Auditor-Generals report for 2013/14 according to insider Senate sources was "too shallow" as it reportedly didn't incriminate the County of any gross misdeeds.

However the Nakuru County Administration is reportedly seeing actions against it by the Senate to be witch-hunt exercises led by the ODM which is Prof Nyong'o's political party.

" We're really concerned with the massive amounts reportedly going to wages so we'll need to establish the true number of staff, the designations of each worker, how many were inherited from defunct civic authorities and so on ", said a source close to the probe.

Our sources in the County Administration are apprehensive about the new probe since it will go through all finance matters the County has undertaken since Governor Mbugua's outfit took over slightly over three years ago.

"They are apparently going step by step clearing each fund usage month by month since 2013", disclosed our impeccable sources.

Early this month the Nakuru County Assembly censured the Governor Kinuthia establishment and its and PSB and PSM arms over irregular hiring of workers.

Here is how the Nation through its reporter Francis Mureithi reported the development on April 6 2016. ..

Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua’s administration suffered a major blow after the County Assembly unanimously resolved that the 25 additional ward administrators and 11 deputy sub-county administrators be sacked on grounds that they were illegally employed.

During a heated debate that was characterised by stinging criticism of the county administration, the MCAs also passed a resolution that the positions be abolished.

Speaker Susan Wakarura Kihika further said a special committee will be formed within a week to prepare the dissolution of the County Public Service Board for ineptitude.

The staff were hired on permanent and pensionable terms by the County Public Service Board in 2014 yet the salaries and allowances that they have been earning, amounting to millions of shillings, were not factored in the 2014/2015 budget.


It also emerged during the debate of the report of a special committee chaired by Njoro MCA Hezekiah Kung’u Kariuki that the service board sneaked 11 additional ward administrators into the bloated payroll under unclear circumstances.

This means that, for the past one year, the county government has been paying Sh1.1 million to the ghost administrators every month.

The workers continue to draw salaries as they are still in office.

Nakuru has 55 wards and 11 sub-counties.

It therefore means that, in total, the county employment board hired an additional 36 ward administrators who were not budgeted for and approved by the House after vetting.

Interestingly, the MCAs refused to endorse an amendment requiring those who were wrongly employed to be surcharged for the millions of shillings they have illegally been paid.


Mr Vitalis Okello (Kivumbini Ward) said the Public Service Management Board chief officer, Mr PK Sigei, should be sacked and prosecuted for ordering the employment of the additional staff without following procedure.

Leader of Minority Daniel Ambale Odindo (Kaptembwa) accused the board of sneaking the 11 workers into the payroll.

“The special committee that investigated this matter did not go deep as 11 more ward administrators were illegally employed and have been earning millions of shillings as a result,” said Mr Ambale.

Mr Peter Nderitu Mwangi (Bahati) said the board was misusing its position and had employed six senior executive officers without the approval of the House.

“This public service board is a bunch of politicians and is not made of professional officers, and I recommend that it should be dissolved and reconstituted,” said Mr Nderitu.

Nominated MCA Beatrice Nyawira told the House that the county had many busybodies who were earning millions of shillings a month yet they were not in the official county payroll.

Leader of Majority George Mwaura alleged that the additional workers paid a bribe of Sh300,000 each to get the jobs and that was why proper procedure was not followed in their recruitment.

Nominated MCA Catherine Njeri Waweru said the Executive had taken the Assembly for granted, adding that it was the high time the House played its oversight role lest it be judged harshly by history for turning a blind eye on issues affecting residents.
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