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Let's all stand up to end the suffering
Of the world's most vulnerable and defenseless beings.

That being OUR CHILDREN.

Let's all stand up to have any
ZOOM PnP ROOM'S owner's,moderator's broadcaster's or any

ZOOM PnP communities placed on the GOOGLE + PLATFORM that participate in such sickness brought to justice.

Let's all stand up by sharing each image we post and send a clear message that we will stand up to end this wrongness and that we will not stop until we end this sickness once and for all ... LET'S ALL STAND UP!!

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The worst sickness of such evil monsters!! I'm not going to publish their images until a bit more knowledge related to the profile can be learnt. Are those images actually the real images of the monster's involved in sharing such evilness? 

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As you can see from the  information I'm providing Zoom rooms as well as Google + platforms are each enabling very serious crimes to be committed.

Such crimes against babies and very young children, either by a Zoom room broadcasting prerecorded sexual abuse against children or more seriously a live broadcast of a child being sexually assaulted

Changes need to be put into
place at the earliest opportunity. Such changes as to any person/ persons being able to inflict such barbaric,inhumane wrongness against any child

Changes to end the drug fueled gatherings taken place in most ,if not all of the Zoom PnP rooms. Such rooms that can be referred to or mirrors such a likeness to any seedy,dimly lit backstreet crack den .. The type that a sad figure can always be spotted in each corner of dimly lit  rooms with a fresh smear of blood being wiped on tissues. Such actions born from the removal of the thinly piece of metal that not too long before had been embedded into various able veins belonging to nothing more than a sad figure of a  human life.

Such sadness as to whom the next punter will be ,whom will supply the next fix, the only difference is that children and babies are the goods,the fix for these monsters as well as all the above mentioned . Changes to end this needs to be made before anymore pain can be inflicted on so many children... I myself intend to keep fighting to end this and will continue to do so until changes are put into place so this can never be able to take place ever again.

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Each 1 of these dirty vile.bastards should never ever under any circumstances be let near or let alone with BABIES YES BABIES , THESE FUCKERS ARE ARE INTO BABIES 
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