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Hello, thanks for finding our new group. We are growing and expanding every day. Please join us!!!

Create a group of active Team Valor players.
Learn neat tips and tricks from fellow PMGers.
Have weekly or biweekly events that improve our status in the PMG community.

1. Must be Team Valor
2. Events or reccomendations CANNOT be placed in the Google + Community. You will find out where once you join us.
3. Under 18 are permitted only with the supervision of their parent/guardian. TVofNW will NOT be held accountable for children during events.
4. All communications for events are secret and expected to only be shared with TRUSTED Team Valor players.
(rules are subject to change as we see fit -- only active players that are 16 or older will get votes)

Multiple Events will be held including Gym bombing, Pokemon Collecting, Gear Collecting, and Socials.
Other Events may be requested.
Locations will vary.
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