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Camelot Royals
King (name him) Age 53

Queen (name her) Age 54
+Anna Bjorgman 

Princess Alice*Age 23* +Bunny Blanc 

Princess/Prince (name her) Age 21 +Rapunzel of Corona 

Princess/Prince (name him/her) Age 20

Prince Arthur +King Arthur of Camelot™   Age 19

Princess/Prince (name him/her) Age 18 +Argilrien Lothlórien 

Princess (name her) Age 17 +Maleficent I 

Princess/Prince (name him/her) Age 16 +Elizabeth Elliott 

Servant of the Royals

Servant (Name/him but need to same gender to be servant of) Servant of Age 23

Servant (Name/him but need to same gender to be servant of) Servant of Age 21

Servant (Name/him but need to same gender to be servant of) Servant of Age 20

Servant (Name/him but need to same gender to be servant of) Servant of Age 18

Servant (Name her but need to same gender to be servant of) Servant of Age 16 +MLPChannel Minnie Potter™ 

Merlin (Servant of Prince Arthur) Taken






More will come

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Name: Morgause
Age: 23
Good or bad: bad
Position: sorceress, high priestess
Likes: dueling,winning,power
Dislikes: Arthur,anyone good
Appearance: picture
Personality: strong,loyal,sarcastic
Bio: look it up
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Full Name:Auorra Le Fay



Hair:dark blonde
Eyes:dark blue
Skin tone:white
Apparel:gold sword and a sliver dragger
Social standing:used to be a lady of camelot but is now an outlaw though she does change her appers to a pesant's if she wants to sneak into Camelot.
Bio:she is a high priestess of the old religion.She used to be kind and sweet before the purge.As the king killed her parents,now she only wants revenge.An old witch resuced her before she was killed and gave her to the high priestesses.The high priestesses trained her and now she is a high priestess hershelf and she wants revenge on the kingdom that killed her parents.
Other:she is a high priestess of the old religion.She's a friend of morgana and she's in Camelot disgused (second picture)as a noble lady visiting from far away.And her fake name is Amore Lovell.
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If no one is morganna can I be her?
Yep. That's how lazy I am xD
((That is her right?)) 
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((As Merlin))
I was sitting on rock near a tree and I whispered I am lier... gave into a fire... I could of tried harder but I cant give it away... I wish I can tell you the truth but I can't...
then you....

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Name: Dexter
Age: 11
DOB: 9-19-83
Home, Stillwater, Minnesota, Camelot
Powers: ice manipulation
Personality: kind, innocent, naive, brave and loyal

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Animated Photo
Animated Photo
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Name: Princess Bianca (My full name: Beatrice Bianca Maleficent Prior.)

Species: DemiFairy (Half god, half fairy)

Age: 17 years old

Power: *To tun people into whatever animal/bird/reptile etc. that I

Position: Princess (Of my land, the Moors, I occasionally visit Camelot)

Likes: Books, Fall Out Boy, Sweet Tea, Math, Grammar

Dislikes: 1D, 5sos, jb, Coffee, writing

Appearance: See photos

Personality: Selfless, Kind, Brave, Smart, Violent/Rebellious

Bio: Daughter of Hades and Pluto. I've chosen rebirth several times. My first life, I lived in Chicago and the government was constantly trying to kill me and I was shot to death. My second life, I lived in Long Island Sound and I died because I was stabbed to death. My third life, I lived in Indianapolis and died to stage IV thyroid cancer. I  served as the second-in-command to the Moors, and died because I was burned alive. This is my 5th life.
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Name: Aurora
Age: 16
Power: none
Position: princess
likes: flowers and spending time with friends
DisLikes: everything evil
Personality: sweet ,kind, and caring
Bio: Aurora knows little of her past all she knew was living in Camelot castle. She sweet kind and caring to others aurora loves flowers but she hopes one day she will find out about her past someday


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name Princess Daenerys (short: Dany)
age 18
power fire
side good
persionality nice, against the holding of slaves and evil rulers, know what I want, trust no one
bio I am a princess of the new king's family. I am not like an ordinary girl. Tough, I am slender and graceful, but strong in mind, clever and a Trickser. I don't often speak. Although I am not the heir of throne, I'll be the next queen. I don't tell anyone, but my will will happen. I will take what is mine. With fire and blood, I will take it.

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I'm the princess of my land
Name:Rose Everdeen
Family:Katniss Everdeen Petta Mallark
In hunger games:yes
bio:mom Katniss dad Petta district 12 hunger games participate
Favorite color:red and black
Alli:my friend from district 12 Jax
Weapon:skilled with bow and arrow my powers also has all powers and can grow Angel wings

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