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[I need to do some Akito the Exiled rp. Can someone rp as Julius Kingsley AND Suzaku please? If interested, please comment 'eyepatch' and your favorite geass power. Please have replies at least a paragraph or more with good grammar and spelling. Here is the starter.]

Akito the Exiled: The Maiden's Voice
{St.Petersburg, Euro Britannia}

One hundred nobles received invitations from a performance group known all over the world. And there is a reward. Whoever gives their female leader enough trust will gain support from the group. The reward is very usefully if one is wanting to gain power.

Julius Kingsly got an invitation and decided to go. If he were to give the female enough trust in him, she would support him during the war. He heard rumors that the girl is known for many deaths of men who abuse her trust (most of the men were nobles). Despite the fact, he still took on the challenge.

At the concert, the group performed for the nobles as if they were welcoming them. The group's leader was beautiful; long black hair, violet dancer outfit, sparkling purple eyes. She saw the tactician on the top of the VIP section, and smiled and winked.
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