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AVA Hacker Garena-Aeria
1 Month $10,00
2 Months $18,00
- Aimbot
- Tapbot*
- Visibility Check
- Smooth Aim
- Hard Lock
- Aim At Enemy
- Aim At Friendly
- Aim At Battle Tanks
- Pick Target By (Distance, Crosshair Distance, Health)
- Primary Bone (Custom*, Head, Neck, Spine, Pelvis, Left Upper Arm, Right Upper Arm, Left Foot, Right Foot)
- Aim Key
- FOV Angle
- Smooth Aim Factor
- Maximum Distance
- Head Ratio*
- Neck Ratio*
- Chest Ratio*
- Pelvis Ratio*
- Left Upper Arm Ratio*
- Right Upper Arm Ratio*
- Left Foot Ratio*
- Right Foot Ratio*
- Bone Change Interval*
- Save*
- Reset to Default*

A different kind of Aimbot that will stop aiming when the crosshair reached the enemy (Perfect for sniping). It only aims when you press the fire button.
*The "Custom Bone Settings" allow you to configure the primary bone by setting ratios (in %).
Once the amount of milliseconds which is set with the "Bone Change Interval" slider is reached since the last bone has been generated, the system generates a new primary bone according to the ratios.

- Triggerbot
- Trigger On Enemy
- Trigger On Friendly
- Fire With Aimbot Only
- Trigger Key
- Triggerbot Firing Interval
- Triggerbot Pre Firing Delay
- Triggerbot Stop Firing Delay
- Maximum Distance

3D Radar / UAV:
- Box ESP
- Name ESP
- Health ESP
- Numeric Health ESP
- Distance ESP
- Weapon ESP
- Snap Lines
- Aim Direction ESP
- Head Dot ESP
- Spawn Protection ESP
- Beep ESP
- Projectile ESP
- Pickup ESP
- Show Enemy
- Show Friendly
- Show Invisible
- Head Dot ESP Dot Radius
- Box Type (2D Boxes, 2D Brackets, 3D Boxes, 3D Brackets)
- Snap Line Origin (Bottom Center, Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Center, Center Left, Center Right, Top Center, Top Left, Top Right)
- Aim Direction ESP Size
- Maximum Distance

2D Radar:
- 2D Radar
- Stick To Window
- Draw Background
- Draw Borders
- Draw Cross
- Draw Field of View
- Draw Own Player Point
- Center 2D Radar
- Show Enemy
- Show Friendly
- Show Invisible
- Show Projectiles
- Show Pickups
- Radar Scale
- Radar Point Radius
- Radar Size
- Maximum Distance

- Warning System
- Warn Of Enemy
- Warn Of Friendly
- Can See You Angle
- Is Aiming At You Angle
- Maximum Distance

ESP Settings:
- ESP Key
- Key Type (Hold, Toggle)

- Draw Overlay Crosshair
- Draw Welcome Message
- Draw Report Message
- Draw Time
- Draw FPS
- Draw Resolution
- Overlay Crosshair Size
- Crosshair Shape (Cross, T-Cross, Dot)
- Overlays Key
- Key Type (Hold, Toggle)

Displays a message each time you get reported with the in-game report function.

- Remove Recoil
- Remove Spread
- Remove Hit Effects
- Remove Flash Effect
- Remove Smoke
- Remove Weapon Bob

Quick Switch:
- Auto Sniper Quick Switch
- Delay Before Switch
- Delay After Switch

- Super Weapons
- Rapid Fire
- Instant Knife Hit
- Unlimited Ammo
- Super Weapons Bullet Amount
- Rapid Fire Delay Between Shots

- AI One Position Kill
- Auto Ready/Start
- AI OPK Limit Score
- AI OPK Score Limit

LMS (LASTMAN Standing):
- Spawn Supply Box (via Hotkey)
- Spawn Green Treasure Box (via Hotkey)
- Spawn Blue Treasure Box (via Hotkey)
- Spawn Red Treasure Box (via Hotkey)

- UAV Players (Apparently patched)
- Anti Kick
- Anti AFK Kick
- Spam Bot
- Chat Blocker
- Name Changer
- UAV Show Enemy
- UAV Show Friendly
- UAV Include Own Player
- UAV Interval
- Spam Bot Interval
- Name Changer Name

Up to 10 names can be configured in the configuration file of the cheat

- Kick Selected Player
- UAV Selected Player
- UAV Duration

- Players To Mark As Friendly (10 slots)
- Players To Mark As Enemy (10 slots)

General Settings:
- Menu Key
- Panic Key
- Unload Cheat
- Unload Key
- Category
- Function
- Hotkey*
- Reset Hotkeys*
- Profile Selection (Default, Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3, Custom 4, Custom 5)
- Save*
- Load*

The "Hotkey System" allows you to configure hotkeys to enable/disable any function you want.
Saves/Loads the profile which is currently selected in the "Profile Selection" combo box.

- Friendly Visible
- Friendly Hidden
- Enemy Visible
- Enemy Hidden
- Enemy Projectile
- Friendly Projectile
- Pickup
- Green Box
- Radar Background
- Radar Borders
- Radar Cross
- Radar Field of View
- Overlay
- Is Visible
- Can See You
- Is Aiming At You
- User Interface

Anti Report:
- Block Reports
- Clean Reports
- Report Count
- Reporter Names*

*Automatically blocks any report against you.
**Automatically cleans any report against you.
This means that there will not be any cheat functions/overlays visible on the screenshot taken by the report system.
Please keep in mind that the following functions can NOT be cleaned from the report:
- Remove Flash Effect
- Remove Smoke
- Super Weapons
- Rapid Fire
- Instant Knife Hit
- Unlimited Ammo
- AI One Position Kill
- Anti Kick
- Spam Bot
- Name Changer

If you want to use any of those functions, please make sure to select the "Block Reports" function to lower the risk of getting banned.
***Displays how often you have been reported in the current game session.
****Displays the names of the players who have reported you in the current game session.

- Red Duck Anti-Cheat Undetected
- XIGNCODE3 Undetected
- Anti XIGNCODE3 System

Operating Systems:
Windows 7 64 Bit
Windows 8 64 Bit
Windows 8.1 64 Bit
Windows 10 64 Bit
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