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I was what you would call a doppelganger. My name was Yuki. I was a vampire. But the thing is..I looked like her. Like Cordelia. My attitude was diffrent though. I was kinder. Unless you took my prey. You saw me one night. I was licking blood off of my fingers when you pinned me shouting Cordelia. I was curious who you were talking about. But then you noticed, my eyes were black with red irises. Unnatural. You then...

Heather was walking around the court yard in the middle of the night trying to clear her head, she stopped walking for a second and turned around, she sighed as she thought it was silly to think someone was following her. She turned back and continued walking, she stopped again and this time she heard someone stop behind her, she turned around and saw you standing there, she walked toward you and asked "why are you following me?" you looked at her confused as to why she seemed so calm, you smiled and said...

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Preferred name: Heather Varnum

Age: won't tell

Date of birth: July 1


Gender: female

Sexuality: straight

Titles: none

Occupation: artist


Appeared age:15-16

Height: 5'8

Weight: 120 pounds

Build: tall and curvy

Skin: tanish

Eye color: blue, sometimes green

Hair style: long

Hair color: fawn brown

Fashion: Comfy but flexible

Other information

Tattoos: tiger on on my arm and wings on my back

Piercings: none

Personality: shy, curious, adventurous

Bio: normal human girl, shy, has a odd family and great friends, but way too adventurous, loves exploring the forest, bakes and likes finding secret rooms in her house, but that's only in her free time, when she is busy she watches animals, kids and helps out at the animal shelter
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