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1- Lady Bug/Marienette Du-pain Cheng +Night Frost​ 
2- Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste +Tricia 'Demon Cat' Low
3- Snotty Citizen/ Chloe Bourgeois +princess Laura darkness rainbow gems
4- Maverick Barrington (Chameleon) +Blankdistance
5-Maya Miller (Phoenix) +Lily Fairy of Tropical Nature
6- Elizabeth Blue (Blue Jay) +•Blake Belladonna•
7- Lyon (Pegasus) +Tricia 'Demon Cat' Low
8- Am Marker (Dragon) +Real Princess Amber Fairy of Waves and Plants
9- Peter Heirtage(Leviathan ) +Logan Scar
10- Veronica (Snow leopard) +Uma Sea
11- Evaliny Geramin (Leopard) +bugmagi gurl
12- Helen Parks (Peacock) +Miraculous Bugaboo
13- Jason Demore (WereWolf) +Fandom Warrior
14- Mackenzie Sakura (Alicorn) +Fandom Warrior
15- Ariana Agreste (Fairy) +Zatanna Zatara
16- Alvura Iselin (Mink) +Absie002
17- Addilyn Agreste (Black Cat) +Night Frost
18- Estele Anderson (Wolf) +Zatanna Zatara
19- Naomi Hope (Red Panda) +Zatanna Zatara​ 
20- Austin Roberts (Bumble Bee) +Chat Noir​ 
21- Lotte Moreau (Grasshopper) +qaunti None​ 
22- Elizabeth (Citizen) +Tricia 'Demon Cat' Low
23- Seraphina Rogers (Koi Fish) +Avatar Tay
24-  Hana Ko-Go (Orchid Mantis) +Mudkipz Universe​ 
25- Nathaniel Burkman ( Stag Beetle) +Mudkipz Universe​ 
26- Hailen Borank ( Porcupine) +bugmagi gurl
_Tell me if I am missing people_

Oh dear, this is so dead~

Naomi was in the park, stretched out and relaxing. Her ears pricked at the distant sound of sirens. She stood up and transformed into Red Panda, before going to watch.
+Fandom Warrior

Anyone want to RP?

[Profile Template]

(Name) samson
(Age) 20
(Gender) male
(Appearance) has black short hair, brown eyes,looks like a teen, wears a sweater and wears glasses (his miraculous is his glasses)
(Personality) can be nervous, sometimes prefer being alone and is friendly to everyone,in superhero form, full of energy,loves to fight and save people and have a fun personality
(Likes and Dislikes) comics,games,being good, villains, people who bully others, seeing people sad
(Friends) Everyone he mets,
(Enemies) darkmoth and numerous villains around the world

Power and Other
(Hero Name) Comix
(Animal) dog
(Superpower) able to use abilities from comic book heroes
(Power) Scent, good hearing, and eye sight
(Weapon) fists
(Transforming Quote) lets get heroic
(Miraculous) his mask over his eyes
(Hero Appearance) has a short sleeve hoodie and blue and silver gauntlets,he has a belt that shows a "c" for comics, has dog like ears and a black mask covering his eyes turn white,
(Kwami) kiba
(Partner) prefers to work alone but likes team ups
(Kwami replenishing food) yogurt

(Bio) samson had always loved reading comics sense he was little,he visited paris so that he could see the miracolous ladybug in action,after the battle he notice a kiwami running away from some men trying to hurt a small kwami he ran to the minuature dog to help him,seeing him being concern for him instead of himself kiba gave samson a miraclous to change into the comic hero,Comix, now living the dream he now protects paris as comic book fan masked hero

has a extent knowledge of comic books

if anyone wants to rp,that be great,im starting to like ladybug because of the villains she face,also it be helpful if someone help me learn about it

(Open rp) he was testing his new abilities as he traveled threw paris,he was enjoying himelf as he stops by a building to catch a breather

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I'm making a miraculous dress-up game on scratch and I need two unique superhero costumes. If you want your ocs costume to be one of them, send me the picture in this community and I will give you credit. Thanks!

Porcupine, the new hero, was jumping around Paris trying to meet the other heroes when she sees you ((open rp))
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