+Allison Gulley +Itsoya Abebe +Waseem Lakhani I sent you three an email just now. My apologies; I won't be able to make our meetings times (I'm still stuck moving). Check your email and let me know whether any of those times (tonight, Wed, or Thurs) work for you.

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Although we have already done the presentation in the STS class, this link is for those of you guys who would like to go back and look at it.

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Worth some reflection relevant to our class . . . 

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Reflective Portfolio assignment language; due April 28 on your Weekly Assignment Sheet.

Hey Pete, I'm almost done with the questions, only thing is the first one. I can't actually think of any ways to improve my earlier work. Would it be acceptable for me to say so, and then provide a well fleshed out description/argument on why it turns out that way? IE describe my perfectionist writing style, explain that every one of my teachers tells me to just splurge on paper and not think about spelling and punctuation for my first draft but I am completely unable to do so, etc.?

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Hey everyone in the Dr. LeFebvre's STS class, here's the link to the Brazil project website! 

So we need another way of giving you guys your videos. Its going to take me 3 hours per video to upload them all otherwise.

So I am wondering if there was any posted assignment that I missed on Tuesday cause I didn't any post.

+Rushabh Shah +Timothy Smith +Jack Page +Paul Kappock  We need to get a way to be able to communicate without class, i suggest this so rushabh how can we get to your blog to do our contribution for the work? or is it your blog we're using?

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Week Fourteen blog post coming your way later tonight. For now, though, here is something fun to do that will help a student in the Game Design program -- it's a game called Parallel Journal that he's developed. The game tracks your movements through campus and turns your movements throughout the day into an apocalyptic/zombie story depending on what other game players you pass. It only works on Android phones, though (sorry iPhone users). The video attached below describes how the game is played.

Here's the invite language from +Joshua L Skelton; if you have questions, add them as replies below and he should get an alert:

"Want to play a fun game and help fellow students with research? Want to earn awesome karma and life experiences? Then please sign up for the Parallel Journey User study. Parallel Journey is a GPS location based game designed to track player locations, decisions, and interactions in order to build a Dynamic narrative written specifically for that particular player. Player’s get a chance to pick their own in world name and genre of the type of world they will live in for the duration of play. Players will be put into one of two groups within their class and a main goal is to convert (infect) as many of the other player’s that are not initially part of your class. As players play the game they will be notified when other players are in the same location as them. Player’s will then be presented with options on how to proceed with their interaction. Based on the day’s activities, a story will be written and sent to each player on the conclusion of the day. This story will be written to reflect the genre that the player chooses. We encourage you to play our game and make your own stories while doing your everyday on-campus activities.

To participate, send the following information in an email Joshua Skelton (jskelto2 at spsu) to participate:

Email address: (Yes, type this out)
Password (Just make one up; any style)
In-Game Name (Make this up as well; be fun but respectful)
Smartphone Manufacturer (For example, Motorola)
Smartphone Model (For example, Droid)

Sorry for the short notice, but this is needed for Josh's honors thesis... and he's hoping to graduate in a month."
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