For those who are searching for Ancestors in the State of Indiana
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Sharing the #family #photos from a #duke #roberson Photo Album Can you help identify some of these people? #genealogy #familytree #ancestor
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Includes pictures and census data.  The 1930 census shows when he moved to Evansville, Indiana with his parents and siblings.  #genealogy #ancestry #familytree #familyhistory #davis #kentucky #indiana Essel Lee #Phillips Sr
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Dena Rs

Discussion  - 
Charles Milton. Claimed he was born Sept 6, 1864 five miles north of Kokomo to Nancy Bennett and Henry Milton. But I can't find anything to confirm that. Charles was in Mexico by 1892. Many of his male descendants have that same long nose. Anyone else researching Miltons?
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Belinda Cook

Discussion  - 
Looking for info on Ewing Ward who lived in Bethel Posey Co Ind. Had a daughter named Rebecka Ward.In the 1800s
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