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The Former U.G.C. Flagship Salinger  exits warp near the station.  After the U.G.C. constructed a new flagship the Salinger was retrofitted and transferred to the G.E.A.  After the Salinger warps in a few other G.E.A. ships warp in, mostly black hand. Commander Artemis opens hailing frequencies 

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Greetings! It is I, Foba Bett Bounty Hunter EXTRAORDINAIRE!
I, Foba Bett am excited to announce that Foba Bett LLC is undertaking its own exploration mission in competition of the NLR's government run expeditions. Lets show those clowns what the free market can do!

What do we need?: Crew members (we will pay 30,000 credits a head or 80,000 bits. If you do not return please select someone you would like the funds to go to) We need people with specialized skills. A ship. We have a ship but a better one of outfitting it for exploration would be appreciated. A sponsor. weapons and equipment. 

Who will be leading this mission?: I, Foba Bett\

where are we going?: Outside the galaxy. we will be the first schmucks in over a century to leave the Bucephalus Galaxy.

when?: In a week's time

Bounty contract

*target:any Vicker soldier
Payment:1,000 credits for every tin head
Contractor:Ruusan Robotics and Foba Bett LLC
Info on target: vickers are extremely dangerous cyborg soldiers. They are completely robotic except for their brains.if you can eliminate a Vicker Commander the nearby vickers are left in disarray. The vickers are currently under control of the NLR
Promotion points per head: 0.1 (kill 10 get a promotion )*

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Our contact in Ruusan robotics recently got us plans for a new turret drone. It was set to be released in the next month but with budget cuts they were forced to close the project. However we now have access to their prototypes and blue-prints. The device easily packs up into a barrel shape and scans for movement and infrared signatures. it takes twenty seconds to fully deploy. It features two twin laser cutters, a large plasma shotgun array in the center. It has a stun setting and a self destruct.

Production: 10 an hour

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The Scarab was originally produced as a prison transport by Vector Nine Engineering.  It has a brig that fits 16 prisoners,a medium sized cargo bay and had two alternative: An extra brig or a small hanger for a small craft. 
It features a unique plasma turret on the top and bottom of the vessel as well as twin plasma cannons on either side of the ship. The vessel has two large spot lights, a tractor beam and a hull cracker. Plus plenty of wing space for extra armaments 

Production time: 4 and hour.

Foba Bett's personal scarab is called the Bottoms Up.  The ship dose not have a shuttle bay or extra brig but instead features a small armory and command room. It has an added ion cannon and has revamped class 4 engines and and military grade 5 sheilds

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The Reshian Corvette Cracker. Specifically designed to counter frigates and blockade runners the R.C.C. also functions as one of the best smugglers craft ever made. Typically dotted with secret compartments. Features a standard ftl class II engine and two large ion cannons

development time:n/a generic craft
production: 5 an hour

Smuggling Contract
Baking Soda From Twilight Kingdom to New Lunar Republic
After a recent Incident in the NLR concerning the moon tower the amount of baking soda allowed to be imported into the NLR has been limited dramatically. 
Contractor: Pie Family Baking Corporation

You will be paid 50 credits for every pound of baking soda you manage to smuggle into the NLR.  The Reshian Corvette Cracker has a cargo capacity of 3 metric tons. Just one trip would reward you 330,693 credits 

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The e-32 Human Republic QID (Quad I on - engine Bomber) Once the pinnacle of human innovation the E-32 is slightly outdated compared to modern bombers. Though what the E-32 lacks in bells and whistles it more than compensates for its reliability, long air time, large payloads , and it's ability to last forever. The running joke is that you can leave one out in the rain for 30 years and it would still start up fine. Which was precisely what Foba Bett did. He had spent hours and hours in simulators has a young clone to learn to fly bombers just like this one. He spat on the faded white letters of the craft:HR. He was no slave anymore. He then proceeded to spray paint a purple dragon smoking a joint if the letters.

development: N/A
production: 5 an hour at current production rate. Plus 5 salvenged an hour. Total:10 an hour

A small ship only big enough to fit one person starts trying to contact Fobas ship.
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