You Guys should try going to a church called 242
it is the biggest church in the US and it is godly and they dont force u to believe in christ but it will be good if you do

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Greetings and Hello Noah W:)
I wanted to thank you for the invitation to join you here. I hope you have taken time to read the posts that I have been filing on my personal page and my American Network for Patriots page as well as Google + communities and also on Pinterist. We must WAKE UP this nation and make sure the next election is a LEGAL ONE in all aspects in accordance with the prescibed conditions of the Constitution. Both the 2008, and 2012 elections were both a total and complete disgrace to this nation and the principles and values and ethics that we as Americans stand for! I hope you will spread the word here about my efforts to keep the public outcry warning all going among you and your contacts and ask that they do the same. The TRUTH is what is important and it must be published for all to know and recognize.

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