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Name: Austin Silvers
Age: 15
Element: Water
Gender: Genelogocally Male
Species: Elemental Spirit
Personality; Austin here is really shy but he is nice in many ways. he is fast, stealthy and smart as well.
Fatal Flaw: Personal loyalty, which means that he would do anything for another friend, even offer the world
History: He was murdered at first because he is related to the prophecy. However, he was reborn in the sea, with more strength than he had before. He died  in the time of the Lunar Eclispe. He is still your average shy teen and yeah

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Hiya everyone! Alethea here, and I made this community! YAY XD So I will need some people for the element prophecy. 

A spirit with the power of earth: Lily, belongs to Alethea.
A spirit with the power of fire:
A spirit with the power of water:
A spirit with the power of air: Emily, belongs to +Emily Dreamsong 

There is also a place called Scrap Inc. Scrap Inc is a group of people, trying to turn the world into a garbage mess. We are here to stop them. I am the most powerful element, fire is next, water, then air. We must stop Scrap Inc from trashing the world. If the world is trashed, I will die. I am the first born spirit, and I will make sure that things are fine and that nothing comes in our way. Our lives are in danger. Lets focus on who is in the prophecy, before we discuss about the buildings.

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Name: Lily
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Elemental Spirit/Human
Looks: pic
Power: Earth
Personality: smart, caring, loveable
History: She died on the day with no stars. She is now reborn. She and the other elemental spirits must stop all the dangers, including Scrap Inc. She was the first one to be born, and the other spirits are coming.

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((XD This picture is apparently realistic enough for Google to ask me to tag))

Name: Emily Alexander
Age: 13
Gender: Well Biologically female, but takes no gender.
Species: Elemental Spirit/Human.
Looks: Dark brown hair. But when in the sun, any that is exposed will become a very light color, leaving the underneath a much darker color than the top. Her eyes are a warm brown with light rings in them, like that of an ancient oak tree. Sometimes in the sun she finds new patterns in them.
Personality: Emily is a people person... Actually, a some kinds of people person. She's more likely to avoid joining any groups, and instead create her own of outcasts. Emily tends to listen and provide comfort, but makes sure to not pry, only taking information the other trusts to share.
Greatest fear: Being inferior. It's her flaw. She want's to be the important one, but feels greedy because of this. She wants to be special, but believes this wish makes her a bad person.
History: Emily is pretty much a normal shy kinda girl. Well, that's what you think from the way she behaves. She's actually deep in thought, figuring out motives and others, finding meanings and reason. Don't think that she doesn't know what your feeling, she can sense your emotions. Of course, she's struggling to find her meaning, and to top it off, she's discovered her control over wind. Soooo, now she can achieve her life long dream of flying. But what's to happen when she finds her best friend Corrina can control fire?

+Emily Dreamsong I'm just glad I came up with a new prophecy, not the same old one over and over again XD

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Check this one out XD Its pretty mad ;P

+Emily Dreamsong TANK U FOR JOININ :D
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