name of team: DIGS
members: Duna Dromus Nicus, indigo gatto selvatico, Gianni incuba drago and sound Battoman
team's theme (optional):

white point flames or as it was originally called back when intelligent life was on the rise "fuoco degli spiriti" is unknown to everyone out side of unity. the first one to use it had commanded, knew and lost his army. feeling the losses all hit when coming to shocked them as to fuel their own power to eviscerate the Grimm hordes. generation to generation saw it grow stronger. the fall strengthened it as the torch bearer not only felt shame that his family was removed from power but the fact that it all went wrong when he and 2 of his siblings turned three. it is seen as a way to unite a nation and as foretold retake what the demons of ice destroyed. a single spark to raise an inferno of justice. nothing can stop a fallen kingdom from being rebuilt as it will always run in a family, if the torch bearer falls prematurely the torch is passed to someone young and full of life.

Rule 1: do not bully some one into leaving the community. you will be banned if i find out.
Rule 2: if you are going to be someone from RWBY you DO NOT make them on the level of a veteran hunter/huntress, the profile will be deleted and you will be denied the right to RP.
Rule 3: if something is wrong come to me and DO NOT take matters into your own hands.
rule 4: you do not need to divide 100 into everything, if anyone who says they can run this community better tell me who they are and i will deal with it.
Rule 5: i will allow all manner of semblance, it will not matter if it is cannon or fan made.
Rule 7: do not ask me to change the class you get.
Rule 8: i do not discriminate from an ability one is born with to a semblance. point is you can have "2" semblance but you only have one and an ability not triggered by anything but the mind and does not affect the aura.
Rule 9: moderators are NOT allowed to promote without my consent.
rule 10: when RPing as a cannon character DO NOT brake from how they act in the show!
rule 11: if you want to do an OC inspired off of a diffrent anime/ your favorit anime you can do so, just don't go crazy.
OC/ TEAM / Grimm bios
home land/point of origin:
hair and eye color:
skin color:
semblance bio:
name for it:
it's stages:
trailer theme:
TEAM profile:
name of team:
team's theme (optional):
Grimm profile:
their power:
what they are based off of: (3 different things max)
their dwelling:
do they travel in packs/ hordes:

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name of location: unity city
history of location: was the sight of the start to the end of the war, unity city was where all intelligent life of remnant lived unified. the incuba drago dust company provided both power for homes and military hardware. the Schnee dust company closed it down with the oath and signed documentation of dust every other day of the week as well as solders and defenses for the people. unity was abandon as the Grimm over took it with no way to defend themselves and no dust they were trapped and retreated into a walled city where all in the walls burn to see the Schnee dust company fall for it's betrayal.
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RWBY fans hold onto yo weapons and yo butts.this just got dropped!

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the road you chose...

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it's better than i thought!

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a new age is here....this i'll be fun.

can i make a few edits to the group?
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