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Get to know me, at least my thoughts...

I may be better later, but as a reference... Can you try to cheer me up? Nothing has been making me truly happy...

Call her

I've come to realize that humans are selfish. We care more about our selves than anyone else. Humans are lazy. Even when all it takes are a few simple words just a moment of our time when we are not going anything we don't give it. The people who need us, who are broken, who don't feel human, don't get anything, because we just don't care. Then we wonder why we feel so alone. We don't deserve otherwise.

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Wishing you all the best always here good listener if you ever need to talk Hayley thanks again for inviting me you're just a little sweetheart

falling falling and further into the dark hits the ground

"... How did I end up here again? I'm always falling apart... Maybe this place will offer some support... I don't know... Because after all, this world is hell."

Hi... I was looking for somebody... Who is kinda... Like me... Or at least... Somebody who can make me smile.. tries to smile

Who wants to be friends?

Well..another shit day..
Wish I was dead

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