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+Andrew Clark​ Guess who found out about this place, Trollalalalalalala!!!

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profile update

Egg the hedgehog

Age: ageless (body of 33 year old)

Ocupattion: soldeir

Likes: his master, +Metal Sonic​, his robots, his family killing sonic +Kai The Fire Hedgehog​​​,
+Kairos The Hedgehog​​​.

+Kai The Fire Hedgehog​​,
+Kairos The Hedgehog​​, sonic, his machines destroying, crimes that always happen (like stealing money and robbing banks)


Bio: he was created by +Dr. Robotnik​to be a organic version of metal sonic there was also a maid and assistent named scarlett then he married her they used a pod to clone him as they can't reperduce and his name is JACK! He can turn into metal egg and has a bit weaker robot form called mecha egg. he can turn into a werehog at will and if you make him go insane he turns into Egg .exe

Height:100 cm (3' 3)

Weight: 35 (3' 3
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