Yesterday we had a Hangout to plan our direction for #postetmooc  for the coming year - thanks to +Susan Spellman Cann  for hosting. It was great to see some familiar faces, and hear from those who couldn't make it, I love the updates we get of what you are up to when you RSVP to say you can't make it.

We decided to continue with monthly events, alternating between hangouts and chats each month, our usual meeting time will be Wednesday at 7pm MST.

We also decided that we want to move home, and start using the #etmooc  hash tag, since that is the first one most of us think of to use anyway. We are also going to migrate back to the  #etmooc  G+ Community, since that is where we started and we were feeling a little homesick. +Alec Couros is happy to have us back (I told him we were giving him the empty nest, not empty nest experience early so he can prepare for when his kids get older.)

Our next event will be a Hangout on air during the week of September 22nd where PostEtmoocers are invited to share their experiences with cMoocs - why you decided to join, what you got out of the experience(s), and best practices. We will be broadcasting the Hangout for the participants of the Open and Connected Learning Mooc (#OCLMooc)- it will be taking place during the first week of the Mooc. More details will be coming your way soon; we are just working out the schedule for  #OCLMooc

On October 22 at 7 pm MST +Paul Signorelli  and +Susan Spellman Cann will be hosting a Twitter chat.

We'll have a hangout on November 19 - so far we don't have a host so please let us know if you are interested in hosting.

There will be a Twitter chat on December 17th, just as everyone is (hopefully) winding down for the Christmas holiday. 

Then in January we'll plan something for the 2nd anniversary of #etmooc  - the details are yet to be worked out so please let us know if you have any ideas.

We hope you are able to join us for all, or some of these upcoming events. We'll start posting to both communities starting with this post, as we migrate home.

Have a great rest of the week!

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Hello Everyone!
Welcome to WOOC-MOOC!

WOOC is an experimental MOOC in conjunction with Embracing Connectivism: Incorporating MOOC-culture into mainstream education  a hybrid online-face-to-face workshop at the 2013 Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning, Madison, Wisconsin.

Workshop by:
Roz Hussin          University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Paul Kim               Stanford University

with guest facilitators:
Stefan Schmid   Akademie Bayern Germany
Jasa Zunaibi        International Baccalaureate

The WOOC team comprises alumni from the Stanford Designing a New Learning Environment (DNLE) 2012 MOOC by Paul Kim, CTO and Assistant Dean at Stanford University.

In the next few days, we will be adding more information about this workshop, including the URL for the hands-on conference workshop broadcast on August 7th, 2013 at 8:30-11:30 am (CDT). We look forward to having everyone log in online and join the interactivity. Keep posted!

Meanwhile, please sign in to the WOOC-MOOC course site, hosted on Stanford's Venture Lab platform:

You will need to provide us with your email address so that we can register you into the course. Please send your email and name to our WOOC-MOOC Registrar : +M Gillet or you can also post your request here in this G+ community.

Once you are registered on Stanford's Venture Lab platform, you will see WOOC-MOOC on your account dashboard, or you can also log in direct to:

Fun-Learning always,
from the WOOC team,
+Paul Kim +Roz Hussin +Stefan P. Schmid
+M Gillet +Alison Burek 

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In English: Interview de Georges Siemens sur Jean PIAGET et le connectivisme
8éme Journées du E-learning organisé par l'université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

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In English: Interview de Georges Siemens par Mathieu CISEL
8éme Journées du E-learning organisé par l'université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

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Science and the internet, together at last. Does this mean more cat GIFs, or less?

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ETMOOC has concluded, yet, in some ways, I find myself still learning some of the "basic skills" of Connected Learning.

There seems to be an unspoken assumption that people would spontaneously know how to learn the skills needed for "open learning" in this Connectivist world of MOOCs, blogging, sharing, lurking, etc.

The link below is to a creative expression blog (of frustration and discovery) of that learning process.

Feel free to post comments, feedback, criticism...
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