Does anyone know of a good online course for Simply Accounting and Photoshop. Thanks!

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Do you know any software programs to make media rich v-logs?

HELP. GOOGLE CALENDAR. Throwing this one ove r the wall. Does anyone know how to add hyperlinks in google calendar in Event field or in description?  Can it be done?  I know the code< a href code, it's not linking. It just shows my html. Thanks!!!!

Does anyone know if there is an "official" Canadian presence on NCTE (national council of English teachers)? I've been talking to parents about 21st century literacies, and citing NCTE. Or is there a Canadian equivalent?

As #etmooc winds down, and I have just begun to sprout my digital wings, do I get drawn back into the netherland of 'old school' or do I keep flying up and out to Open??

I remember seeing that the tweets with our hashtag were being saved, can anyone point me to how this is done?

How's the Accelerated Reader app on the iPad? It's one of the uses a school writing for grant is proposing. All I need to know is, does the app work well on the iPad? Thanks!

I am going to be out of town for conference next week. I was looking for suggestions for some educational podcasts to listen to while I am away on the trip. I would really like something similar to the content ETMOCC. 

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