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Hi everyone,
+Katia Hildebrandt and I are writing a paper on connectivist MOOCs as a vehicle for digital literacy development. We have seen amazing growth and development by many of you during and since #etmooc  and we are hoping to gather a few comments on your experiences. If you have a few minutes, we'd love to hear your feedback on these questions:

1) How has your participation in a MOOC ( #etmooc  or other) increased your digital literacy?

2) How has your participation in a MOOC ( #etmooc  or other) helped you to become a more active and informed digital citizen? 

cc +Susan Spellman Cann +Rhonda Jessen 

Etmooc 4th anniversary Twitter Chat Tuesday January 17th at 8pm MST. Please join us and catch up!

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"The cMOOC That Would Not Die" ( is rising for another round of conversation, camaraderie, and learning: we're looking forward to catching up with current and new members of the #etmooc community during our next hour-long tweetchat, on the topic of "The #EdTech We & Our Learners Love," this Wednesday (4/13/16) at 9pm ET/6pm PT. We will, as usual, use the #etmooc hashtag. Rhonda Jessen and I will lightly facilitate the session. If you want to prime the pump, you can take a look at the infographic and executive summary at the beginning of the @NMCorg Horizion Report > 2016 Higher Education Edition ( And please don't forget that we're still very much working to honor our source of inspiration, Alec Couros, through donations to the newly-established Mario Couros Memorial Bursary: -- you can make a difference by donating at a level that is comfortable for you and helping to attract other donors to this wonderful #etmooc-based effort to support quality education.

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Hey fellow etmoocers. I am hosting the #etmooc twitter chat on February 18 at 7:00pm EST. Topic? Formal and informal learning? What's it all about? Here's an article to get you started.

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You can find out about the Mario Couros Memorial Bursary here. Please spread the word and donate to help a newcomer to Canada pursue their dream of becoming an educator.

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Here is my archive of the 3rd year anniversary celebrations with the video and twitter archives and information about the Mario Couros Memorial Bursary.

The next #postetmooc  Twitter chat will be Feb 18 at 5pm MST with +Karen Young hosting.  See you tonight for the 3 year anniversary event.
note this is earlier than our usual time.

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You can learn about the Mario Couros Memorial Bursary here. 

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Thanks everyone for an inspiring gathering to celebrate #etmooc  

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Ten years ago today, the sample return capsule from our Stardust mission successfully landed in Utah. The capsule carried cometary and interstellar samples gathered by the Stardust spacecraft. Details: #OTD
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