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Sexuality (optional):

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Skills/ items/ pets:

Bio (at least two sentences):

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Name: Kaen

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Sexuality (optional): Bisexual

Appearance (unless there is a photo): Photo

Personality: She's sweet, playful, childish, kind, sassy, and funny.

Likes: People, Food, Animals, Nature, Hometown, Fire, Fighting

Dislikes: Water, Wind, Rude People, Snobs, Storms

Hometown: Karthridge

Level: 0

Skills/ items/ pets: None (Doesn't have the batons yet)

Bio (at least two sentences): Grew up in Karthridge hated the idea of death until her first pet died. Her parents adopted her as a young girl she has no idea she's adopted.

Additional info (optional):

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Name: Demoros.

Age: 17 years old.

Sex: Male.

Sexuality (optional): Hetero.

Appearance (unless there is a photo): Light Build.

Personality: Shy, yet, adventurous, kind, bad jokester, gets too serious at moments, creative, and optimistic.

Likes: Jokes, reading, being alone, being with another, space, and adventures.

Dislikes: Being surrounded (or in a crowd), terrible insults, hurting others, and time wasters.

Hometown: Karthridge.

Level: Five.

Skills/ items/ pets: Dark (projectile) magic, Kuchirikato (A long sword with the power to increase in strength as I do).

Bio (at least two sentences): I was born into a family that live in the mountains, but when I was very young... something killed them. After that I live in an orphanage, until my fifteenth birthday, the day I took up sword fighting, and became an adventurer.

Additional info (optional): Got too many secrets. I'm a sell sword. With my half-elf blood line I trained too become a master spell-sword.
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Name• Karma

Age• 19

Sex• Male

Sexual Orientation• Heterosexual

Apperance• 5'10, Medium-Long pink hair, different coloured eyes, mask most of the time

Personality• cocky but serious, protective, jealous, sneaky, mindset, "ladies man," adventurous, insane moments

Likes• battling, killing, bad time jokes, flirting (his way), his dragon, reading, being alone, leveling up, being powerful, winning, and potatoes

Dislikes• loosing, choosing sides, large crowds, clingy-people, loud-people, being weak

Hometown• Karthridge

Level• 5

Skills/Items/Pet• Telekinesis (lvl 0) / Poison Dagger

Bio• "My father died when I was young, I went through foster home to foster home but no one ever seems to want a weakling like me. The other orphans made fun of me and told me I never grow up to be anything. I was an orphanage for 10 years, went there when I was three. Finally when I was 13 I ran away from the orphanage and live homeless, so I really had no home. I trained and trained for years, I'd fight monsters, other people, and bosses. I would keep telling myself that I will be the best. And I will. No Matter what it takes."

Any additional info•
Species• Wolf
•he begins to go insane if he begins to feel weak

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