Hi there, I'm new to Exim and currently trying to build a test enviroment for outbound mail. Am I blind or why I can't bring Exim to the point that it sends multiple mails in the same SMTP transaction?

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Hello everyone: 

I have a friend who has a vps and website in wordpress, when your wordpress sends any mail either comment notifications, updates, etc, the mail reaches him "through", that's because my friend has set the parameters: 

hostname: mail.server.com 
user: user@server.com 
pass: ****** 

NOTE: My friend has set up your server so that you can put any mail in the sender field and always Salé "through". 

I've configured everything correctly but the spam email reaches me (despite having dkim and spf), I see the source code and see the problem is WORDPRESS THAT HAS NOT SIGNED AND MAIL WITH DKIM SPF. 

I've been researching and tell me that I have to activate something in the settings on my MTA, exim in this case. To come out of this, as shown in the image. 

I hope you can help me or at least give me some hints on how to set this 

Thank you all in advance for your response.

Hi all, I am getting the following error in my ssh terminal when my script prompts an email to be sent:

exim abandoned: unknown, malformed, or incomplete option -s

My script is as follows:

void send_alert(const std::string &subject, const std::string &text) {
  start_sql("SELECT * FROM tconfig;");

  std::string sender_addr = decode_str(sql_result("sender_addr"));
  std::string alert_addr = decode_str(sql_result("alert_addr"));


  std::string filename = tmpnam(NULL);
  std::ofstream file(filename.c_str());
  file << text;

  std::string cmd = "mail " + alert_addr + " -s '" + subject + "' < " + filename;


any suggestions?

If using Exim an intended mailbox not found then how i can insert some thing custom (like a specific routine or .exe) inside it. Thanks!

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Hi, does anyone know how I can help me with this misserable issue! I cannot find the source of the problem.

I'm using a Exim server with MailScanner for in-/outbound e-mail with Microsoft Exchange. For outgoing e-mail sometimes e-mails are not delivered. They are rejected with the message "550 Messages should have one or no Subject headers, not 2." But if I deliver the message to the external mail server and local (archive) I can see there is only ONE subject in the header. Strange enough the external mail servers is not one but several, so it's seems a problem on my site.

Anyone, if you could help I would also pay for a the solution.

Kind regards

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I need help with this: http://fpaste.org/90498/33447113/

I am trying to make .vacation.msg available but I get a permission denied error.

The permissions for the dir and file are correct. SELinux is not complaining about this.

What else could it be?

For anyone else who is subscribed to multiple vendor security announce lists, for coverage, and sees Gentoo's recent Exim vulnerability announcement: this is not a new issue.  This is Gentoo finally catching up to the year 2012.

Install Exim 4.82 and be happy.  If you must run something other than the current stable release, run 4.80.1.  If you're running anything older, check with your vendor backported fixes to see what's already been fixed for you.

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I have uploaded Exim 4.82 RC1 to

It has been over a year since a regular a release. The number of backwards incompatible fixes totals only one; a hints database doesn't get updated in a specific corner case.

This release contains many bugfixes and enhancements, as well as a couple of new Experimental features (DMARC and PRDR). The bugfixes touch many different functions: new commandline options for better sendmail compatibility, Cyrus SASL, extra logging by default of remote email acceptance, cutthrough delivery, enhanced number suffix, multiple router/transport headers, enhanced ability to call an acl as an expansion item, build enhancements, dns enhancements, authenticator enhancements, retry enhancements, header generation enhnacements, a few new expansion variables, and LDAP and LDAP/TLS enhancements. Please read the ChangeLog and NewStuff documents referenced below for more detail.

The ChangeLog/NewStuff/README.UPDATING can be reviewed at:


The files are signed with the PGP key 0x04D29EBA, which has a uid
"Todd Lyons (Exim Maintainer) <tlyons@exim.org>". Please use your own discretion in assessing what trust paths you might have to this uid.

Checksums below. Detached PGP signatures in .asc files are available
alongside the tarballs.

Please report issues in reply to this email, on exim-users.

Thank you for your testing and feedback,
- -Todd Lyons, pp The Exim Maintainers.

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Two of the exim.org team members, Todd Lyons and Jeremy Harris, shall soon start the work of cutting the Exim 4.82 release and beginning the RC series.
We currently expect that the 4.82 Release Candidates, final Release, and announcement message shall be PGP signed using Todd's key:
This key is in the PGP strong set, although it does not at time of writing include any signatures directly from any other @exim.org UIDs. There is a trust path from my [Phil Pennock's] key to Todd's via a key belonging to Phil Dibowitz, 0x3795E8C5A1E732BB.
For the record: I [pdp] know Mr Dibowitz as a former colleague, he is very security conscious and does not issue PGP signatures without diligent checking.  He's the author of the PGP tutorial documentation available at <http://phildev.net/pgp/> and is one of the few people to whose keys I assign a GnuPG trust ranking of '4'.  Thus I have a high degree of confidence in this trust path.

You can retrieve Todd's key from any of the normal PGP keyservers; for instance:


(click on the keyid in the "pub" line at the top).

This Exim release is long overdue and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Todd and Jeremy for stepping up to make it happen.

-Phil Pennock
#Exim   #Release   #PGP
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