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This week, +Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine and I have a small chat about the main differences between Chromium and the Google Chrome browser.

As usual, since we can't change our mother tongue yet, we've also recorded a french version at [FR] Différences entre Google Chrome et Chromium

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Have decided to use foldersync on my tablet only, not chromebooks, at least until they natively support SD cards
How do I get Foldersync to access SD Card on my Samsung Chromebook Plus? Please help

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Got my google Educator Level 1 badge and certificate. Now starting towards the second level. Wish me best :)

Is anyone using a subscription Language Lab software that allows world language classes to seamlessly converse, record, assess, etc. We're shopping around and would love any feedback you might have. Thanks in advance!

PLEASE ADVISE re: durability and Chromebook 360 Hinge devices. Feedback please! We're considering transitioning from our traditional Chromebooks to the 360 hinge devices but we're concerned about screen replacement costs ($29 vs. $130 - a HUGE difference for families BUT we also have heard they're much more durable than the traditional Chromebook. Can anyone give first-hand feedback on that point? (We're considering Asus Flip C213SA, the Acer Chromebook Spin 11, Dell 3189, and the Dell3180-normal hinge). Thank you in advanced!

Do any of you use Chromebook as a student? I would love to know the various ways and apps you use as a student.

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Least expensive option I've found lately. Not my next one, but thought I'd share.

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If you want to know how to apply policies to a Chrome browser even when a user is not sign-in to it, here is your solution

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Google has release the new Chrome OS update and with it the chance to expand the Android apps into more Chromebook devices. Find this out on this video
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