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There's plenty on here for you to learn

Guys please how can on get to use this adobe xd on parrot os.
And again i use wine but the apps i install in it seems to be lagging alot, what can i do about it.

I can't use macchanger to spoof my Wireless Adapter MAC, I'm doing everything fine....

ifconfig wlan0 down
macchanger -m xx:xx:xx:xx:xx wlan0
ifconfig wlan0 up

but when I try to connect to the AP the mac of the adapter go back to the original mac.... or it's randomized.... what can I do?... I tryed everithig... cloning mac in the network mananger... but NOTHING WORKS!! Help me please!

Maybe posting some tutorials , how to's and some ctf walkthroughs on here soon keeps your eyes peeled

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Can you help me!

my bluetooth and wifi icon is duplicated 3x
how i can disable the other extra icon?
and i cannot see bluetooth and wifi icon in my system tray or notification area?


I'm currently running raspbian on raspberry pi 3 from SD card, I have the .img extracted and Im trying to write to USB. Can anybody help with the dd command please. I used dd if=parrotos.img of=dev/sda bs=4 also formatted USB to fat32 but it won't boot. I have no issue booting other os on USB when installed using noobs/PINN. Thanks in advance.

How does the arm version run on pi3?

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