So, I just purchased a Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 M. I'm going to use it as a street point and shoot. Can't wait to start shooting with it. Does anyone here have experience with this camera?

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6 Excellent Film Rangefinders For The Beginning Photographer

When photographing people on the street, do you get them to sign a model release form. If so, what do you use?

I've been looking for a form I can use on my tablet l, but have not found one yet

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Panasonic just announced the LX100. A follow-up to the LX7... or is an LX8 on the way? Seems like a pretty sweet rig for street photography. Any thoughts?

Recently I started to pack my apartment and dispose of furniture and other material possessions. As I've been going through everything I uncovered my bag of older Nikon gear. 

Two bodies, that I bought in 1985 after my gear bag was stolen from the back of a truck; a 24, 28, 35, 50, 85 and 200mm lenses - all replacements for the stolen gear. 

I used this equipment every day for years. I worked assignments for magazines and clients. I photographed receptions and conferences, meetings and speeches. 

The gear isn't 'pro', it's an old Nikon FE2 and a Nikkormat EL. The glass is all primes lenses. I shot nothing but hand rolled tri-x pushed to 800ASA and seldom - if ever used a flash on location, and somehow my images ended up in magazines, books and being used by clients.

Tools. It comes down to tools and then the attentiveness and application of soft skills - skills involving seeing, perception, timing, composition, exposure and processing. Important images are made by people - not equipment and given any gear you have at hand you, as a photographer can make the image.

I'm going to keep the old gear. No idea if it'll ever get used again. We'll see - won't we?

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Why use the old cameras when the new digital cameras have fancy settings which produce the same cool effects? Check out the 36 images and this article..

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Maybe there are people around here who'd also like to have an Sigma 20mm F1.4 Art lens. #Sigmaart   #sigmaartlens   #sigmaart20mm . Please share if you think so to make #Sigma  think about it.
Dear +Sigma Corporation of America, please update your wide angle fixed focus lenses, I'd really like so see #HSM  motors as most missing feature, but a 20mm F1.4 DG Art lens would be even better. This lens would be worldwide unique. I hope there's a possible formula for such a lens. And before I forget it: A short minimal focusing distance of shorter than 20mm would be great (My #Flektogon   20/2.8 has a minimal focusing distance of just 19mm!)

#wishes   #Sigma   #sigmaartlens     #flektogon20  

Would anyone share his/ her experience with Sony NEX system for street photography with some sample pictures?

Currently using a Note 2 as a DD for Street Photography, and will be purchasing an iPhone 5s in the coming months. They're great cameras for an Instagram profile, but I want to get more serious about this. I don't feel comfortable snapping people with my Canon T1i (will be picking up the 5D Mark III as well). Because I want to get serious and hate being in people's faces with a big DSLR, I'm looking for mirrorless cameras. Two choices are the Olympus Pen and a Fuji X. I really don't want to spend over a grand as I have other expenses/purchases. Advice? Which one do you use or prefer? 

Has anybody heard about any new fast lenses for the 4/3rd M mount (OMD E5)? I really need a fast 35mm equivalent lens because I just can't get my eye to work with the 50's overall feel. I have a 28 2.5 but it's just too wide for street shots.
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