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In our world nekos and other part humans are treated as pets or entertainment. They were hunted down and trained. More often than not they are treated badly well the ones that are used for entertainment are.

Pets are pampered and treated well so they are sold. People don't want a damaged pet so they are treated like kings and queens. Pampered beoynd reconition...

The ones used in entertainment such as roman style galdiator fights but non-leathal and rather cruel TV reality shows. Yeah some things apprently never change.

You are a Neko who has been raised to be used for entertainment... you are so broken you barely move any more unless it's to eat you have lost and eye and it will be replaced by a mechanical one that you can actually see with soon.

Your last trainer was fired after getting you to this point and being "too good". I am your new trainer and I have to get you back on your feet and bring you out of your shell... I dislike my job as a trainer but I it's the family bussiness and I need the money to get out of here and start again somewhere else.

I walked in on the first day and look down at you as you huddle in a corner the collar on your neck looked painfully tight. I kneel down and losen it. After that we grew close, you didn't know that I was there to be kind to you as a job not that I wouldn't have been nice any way but all the same.

Yesterday you overheared me and another person talking about you and the person was asking how you were progressing. I told him a lot of things but you figured out that I was being paid for being nice to you. You immediatly jumped to the conclusion that the friendship we had was all faked on my end

Today I walk in and smile at you Hey there (Y/N) I frown when you don't reply. I walk over to you and kneel down next to you hey what's wrong? I ask you softly.

((Male needed))
((NO hentai or text talk. Romance. Enter your name on entry. My character's name is Alana Evergreen.))

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* I am being followed and I am running. I try to open my wings but I cant open them, like a spell has been put on me...* HELP!!!

this is dillon haas changed name

rides my motorcycle to town and waits for someone

The capten speaks through the load speekers in the plane "This is your capten speaking we will be in Dream city in approximently 15 minutes" Then in contrast the flight atendant speeks in a calm caring voice. "Please fold your trays to the up right position and fasten your setbelts and thank you for choosing Dream Airlines for you travel." She concluded.
you get off the plane and go out side your coat ziped tight and snow falls and the wind gusts blowing them onto your face feeling like pins and needles, you continue to walk outside and you see a figure holding a sign with your name on it writen in black sharpy, you walk up to the figure and see (what you think is a guy) compleatly raped from head to toe in clothing like he was going to antartica a scarf and hat cover most of his face and wearing gloves and a long thick trentch coat, the person looks at you (hint: my name is Shadow ask if its me to get the rp rolling) ((Guys only I am a girl this is not yaoi))

(Rp anyone?)

Is walking back to my place when(open rp)

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you were spying on me and my regiment and I caught you but I was out alone and only had duck tape so I radioed in about you and I have you tied up and im waiting for back up and to be picked up why would you even think you would get away? smiles and laughs a little im not stupid

+Oliver Drake what am i suppose to do on here
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