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Special thanks to +kylee vidas
(Just had to change a few things)

Okay, these are ranks tell me what you want or make ur profile so I know.
Kate's pack.
Alpha female:Kate w. Whinston
Alpha male:+Silverbolt ketar​​
Beta female:Rayleigh +Gangster Money​​
Beta male: +Justin Vickton
Delta female:*open*
Delta male: +dandy man
Gnaw wolves:how ever many.
Howlers:*open*(they are like wolves that howl,or read signs)
Healers:*open*(two please boy and girl or switch it up)
Den mom's:*open*(two three in counting me)
Lead warriors(male and female please,but no need to if not wanted,but there shall be a leader girl or guy)open
Warriors:how ever many, boys or girls.always open
Other army/military/any other thing.(boys or girls,no need to have a mate but if want to,same with the lead warriors rule)
Loners,rouges:Always open.
Other ranks let me know
Fox group.
Leader female :Naketa
Leader male:none yet*open*
Second female:*open*
Second male:*open*
Third female:*open*
Third male:*open*
Barkers:*open*(they are just like howlers,but since it would be a fox)
Gnaw foxes:could be many. open
Lead warriors:same rule as the top,open
Den carers:*open*(2 3 in counting me)
Other army,military or any other:*open*
Loners,Rouge's:*always open*
Any others let me know
Any other groups,prides, herds,flocks, go the same rules as the ones above.
Nike's pack(remember he is Kate's rival a lot)
Alpha female:*open*(but don't have to have one for this one)
Beta male:*open*
Beta female:*open*
Delta male:*open*
Delta female*open*
Warriors:*open to how many*(no lead warriors for this)
Any other military:*always open*
Gnaw wolves:*open* (used as other fighters if needed)
Den carers:*open*(two please)
Danger's pack. A fox gang. Is Naketa's rival
Leader female:*open*
Leader male2:*open*
Leader female2:*open*
Leader male 3:*open*
Leader female3:*open*
Gnaw foxes:*always open*(also used to fight if need for back up)
Warriors:*always open*
Den mom's:*open* (one or two)
Every one let me know what you want as ur ranks.

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hello everyone

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нey, ѕυnѕнιneѕ
ι wanтed yoυ all тo ĸnow тнaт ι cнanged мy naмe тo ѕυnғнlowerѕ. мy naмe υѕed тo вe neнa ѕwιғт нoran, reмeмвer мe gυyѕ? ѕo yeaн, ι deleтed мoѕт oғ мy collecтιonѕ.

ι нope yoυ gυyѕ are gonna lιĸe мy page, тнanĸ yoυ

lιĸe, reѕнare & coммenт ѕoмeтнιng nιce

вe acтιve ѕυnѕнιneѕ

all love ғroм мe 💕

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Thanks for the invite

What's the profile template?

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We are family, not by blood or marrige,but by one should dare break this rule,ever.we are a family, a family no one should break the bond of,you fight for us,wr fight for you. Yes we are different, but differences make betters,we are who we are for a reason. A reason we don't know till we live and die.there is no harm in saying die,but if there is there shall be a lesson we all do. We are a pack,we are one. We fight for who fights for us,we are strong,we are a pack. We may have hate for some,but we must love.our hatred must die,we are a pack,no one should break,or serperate.we are brothers and sisters to each other unknowingly,but we know by our wild and free spirits,or soul,and most importantly,Our HEART~

We shall never be broken,never.

Kv,kate signing out love you 
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These kind of post need to STOOP.🚫🚫🚫❌❌❌❌

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I'm with kylee bids at her amazing Halloween monster mash (she's not green) dark angel

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