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Edcamp Kansai 2018 is coming soon! Edcamp Kansai 2018はそろそろ開催です!
* Japanese follows English * 日本語は下以 *

Edcamp Kansai provides a unique opportunity to meet and network with knowledgeable, dedicated, passionate people in education and related fields: pre-schools, public schools, private schools, international schools, universities, artists, workshop leaders, event organisers, edu-preneurs, and more!

What the day looks like is up to participants! Edcamp Kansai sessions are based on the ideas and interests of participants. Please join us to discuss the things that matter most to you, from small, everyday teaching practices to big ideas and educational philosophies.

Date: Saturday, April 14, 2018
Time: 10:00-16:00
Venue: CANVAS Uchida Yoko, Osaka ユビキタス協創広場
Station: Tanimachi 4-chome

The event is free to participate, and thus space is limited, so please register at the new Edcamp Kansai webpage early. Updates will be available on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, as well as Edcamp news and interesting articles in education. Join in the discussion online!

We would love for you to share the Edcamp Kansai 2018 flyer with your colleagues near and far, helping to spread the word! It is attached in PDF and PNG formats.

We hope to see you on Saturday, April 14th!

The Edcamp Kansai Team


Edcamp Kansai 2018は開催です!

Edcamp Kansai は教育分野に熱い情熱を持つみなさんならどなたでも参加できます。幼稚園から、小中学校、高校、大学、インターナショナルスクール、芸術家、ファシリテーター、起業家など、ぜひご参加ください。


日にち:4月14日、2018 年
時間:10時 から16時


参加ご希望の方は Edcamp Kansai のホームページよりお申し込み下さい。

また、FacebookやTwitterや Google+にもフォローして、オンラインでシェーアしましょう!

Edcamp Kansai のニュースやおもしろい記事をアップして行きます。

Edcamp Kansai のポスターも添付しておりますので、あなたから世界へこの素敵なイベントのシェアをしてください!


Edcamp Kansai 実行委員会

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#EdcampKansai is happy to be partnering with @osakajalt and central Japan @GoogleForEdu Google Educator Groups. Seeking to partner with @ETJOsaka and other #ETJ groups/professional development organizations for April 14th Edcamp Kansai. Hope to see you there!

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#Edcamps are "free, organic, participant-driven, un-conferences that empower educators to maximize professional learning experiences and peer networks." Learn more: Hope you can join us on Saturday, April 14 in Osaka! Details:
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Why attend #EdcampKansai ? Reason #6: You will be exposed to different perspectives and fresh ideas that you may not have considered before! Join us on Sat April 14! Registration is open. #edchat Register: Learn more:

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Why attend #EdcampKansai ? Reason #7: You get to meet the educators you’ve only met on social media in person! Join us on Sat April 14! Registration is open. #edchat Register: Learn more:

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Why attend #EdcampKansai ? Reason #8: You will grow your professional learning community, meeting educators from many sectors of education! Join us in Osaka on Sat April 14! Registration is open. #edchat Register: Learn more:

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Learn about Edcamp on the following social media and on our website! Bookmark! Like! Share!

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Edcamp Kansai is coming on April 14th! Details are here, though registration is not yet open!

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Registration and event details will be mailed out this weekend! Care to join us on Twitter?

@EdcampKansai #EdcampKansai

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