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5 DIGIMON detected
1. Kiwimon capture by piper
2.phsymon capture by piper
3.lalamon capture by Dust ultimate good luck​
4.yashamon capture by Prue quardz
6. Numemon
7. Cutemon
8. goblimon
9. Hawkmon
10. Andromon
11. Digitamamon

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hola soy milagros la eriza lobo estos son mi equipo bancholeomon renamon turbodorulumon gubumon nosotros rerotamos a splashmon el tigre de agua y nosfuimos a un mar de agua de oro y senos aparesio un varco pirata digimon el lider es mas pesado con su cansion porata
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Name: Apostolos

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Xross loder: Black D-tector

Eye color: Red

Hair color: Black

Family: None

Digimon transformations: Blackwargreymon

Bio: *I had been chosen to have the new D-tector that has allows the user to turn into Blackwargreymon*
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Attention Everyone
plz block this guy
He is a lying cheating wolf that just uses girls if any girl out there plans to date him do not fall for him he just tell girls he loves themi love and everything but then ends up cheating on them

plz spread the news I do not any girl to get hurt like he hurt me...

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name: sakuya
age: 15
gender: female
Xross loder: yellow xros loder
eye color: yellow
family: unknown
partner digimon: renamon
Number of Digimon hunted: 2
Name of digimon hunted: gatomon xros wars,
My team: 
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walking in the street passing bay then someone pulse me into digiquartz
Who or you reviled your self i yelled 

(open RP)

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i was in the city suddenly digiquartz there's a digimon behind this wormmon seed time to hunt
suddenly Psychemon appeared

(open rp)


walking in the street passing bay then someone pulse me into digiquartz
Who or you reviled your self i yelled 

(open RP)

me and gumdramon where hiding in the bushes, watching the sleeping hawkmon on the tree this is too easy i said and gumdramon nodded on agreament

i was in the city walking around mind my own business, i was walking for 30 minutes when a digimon attack luckily my chibitorumon use one of his attacks *my chibitorumon ask me and said chibitorumon: are you okay? he said and i nodded, he smiled brightly. we both looked at the yashamon and then we attack that yashamon i heard a noise inside the building and you and your digimon partner ran into our location. you spotted us and you said...*

(RP open)
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