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Google Cloud IoT產品管理部門負責人Antony Passemard表示:「我們很高興能與Ayla合作為企業提供開發聯網產品所需資源。 與GCP聯手,Ayla讓更多企業能直接使用Google Cloud上的應用程式庫、AI人工智慧、機器學習(Machine Learning)和數據分析功能,滿足其業務上需求。」

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Hello, 我是剛開始學習GCP的菜鳥,就碰上這個難度頗高的問題,請高手們解惑一下,有沒有人也遇過...
由於無法SSH連線,選擇Clone Root Disk & Use Startup Script,但要執行Set a variable name for the problematic instance. This will make future steps of this procedure easier to follow. Replace INSTANCE_NAME with the name of the problematic instance:

-bash: PROB_bitnami-wordpressmultisite-dm-91c2=bitnami-wordpressmultisite-dm-91c2: command not found
似乎這不是個指令,請問這該如何使用? 謝謝!

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本次榮幸可以邀請到R社群共同創辦人JiaWei與Googler Ian and Apurva跟大家分享Talk,希望跟大家交流在Big Data相關議題上的想法跟做法,也跟大家分享Google在今年度的創新以及在大資料的做法。

PM 1:30 - 2:00 Register
PM 2:00 - 2:30 Encrypted BigQuery - excute sql queries over encrypted data (Jiawei / Taiwan R User Group Coorganizer)
PM 2:40 - 3:20 2016 GCP Updates (Ian / Google Advocate JAPAC)
PM 3:20 - 4:00 Google Dataflow (Apurva / Director for Dataflow Eng)
PM 4:00 - 4:30 Networking

GCPUG Taiwan Meetup #16
GCPUG Taiwan Meetup #16

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跟大家一起渡過Google IO 2016~

#io16 extended

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Simon is looking good!
Google Cloud Platform CP100 Training
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Cloud CDN uses Google's globally distributed edge caches (more than 50 of them) to accelerate content delivery for your sites and applications served out of Compute Engine. That means lower network latency and reduced serving costs. Get started with the beta release:

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來自WTM的邀請,請大家支持一下來自台灣的女性社群 :) 幫忙填寫一下活動的問券調查~

GDG Taipei 將在 4 / 27 (三) 舉辦第一次的 WTM 活動,為瞭解社群內興趣分佈,請協助填寫下方問卷,以規劃符合需求的 WTM 活動。如果你認識對科技產業有興趣的女性,請協助將 WTM 介紹給她喔!謝謝大家。

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