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((Previously posted by my old account +Luke Skywalkre​))

RC or OC?: RC

Name: Luke Skywalker

Gender: Male

Age: 59

Species: Human

Homeworld: Tattooine

Relationship Status: Widowed

Family Status: Son of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and Queen/Senator Padme Amadala-Skywalker. Twin brother of Leia Organa-Skywalker. Brother-in-law to Han Solo. Uncle to twins Jaina and Jacen Solo and Anakin Solo. Father to "Ben" Skywalker. Was Married to Mara Jade

Skywalker family
Alliance Military
Alliance Fleet
Rebel Alliance Starfighter Corps
Red Squadron
Alliance to Restore the Republic
Jedi Order
Alliance of Free Planets
Bright Tree Village
New Republic
New Jedi Order
Dark Empire (Very briefly)
Order of the Sith Lords (Very briefly)
Galactic Federation of Free Alliances
Galactic Alliance Guard
Jedi Coalition

Personality: Occasionally sarcastic, enthusiastic, fierce, slightly impatient, Impulsive, caring, friendly, helpful, strong willed, quirky, has a well built sense of security, very protective of his friends and family, feels like he carries the fate of the Galaxy his shoulders.

Weapon(s): Lightsaber with a green kyber crystal

Force Abilities:
illusion/mind trick

Known Lightsaber Forms:

Ship: The Jade Shadow, X-Wing (Empire era)

Anything extra?: has a prosthetic hand. Worries about the fate and future of his son. Was the last remaining Jedi. Trained the entire new generation of Jedi with the help of his wife Mara and sister Leia.
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RC or OC: RC

Name: Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious

Gender: Male
Age: 86 (cloned)

Species: Human, later cloned

Homeworld: Naboo

Relationship Status: Sly Moore (possible lover)
Family Status: All dead

Allignment(s): House Palpatine, Damask Holdings, Royal House of Naboo, Order of the Sith Lords, Naboo Diplomatic Corps, Galactic Republic, Galactic Senate, Trade Federation, CIS, Galatic Empire, Dark Empire

Personality: Heartless, ambitious, arrogant, Insidious, no shame or empathy

Weapon(s): Red lightsaber (blue while a clone)

Force Abilities: Force lightning, telekinesis, force speed, force rage, force storm, transfer essence

Known Lightsaber Forms: 1 or 2

Ship: Various shuttles, the Eclipse (Eclipse-class dreadnought)

Anything extra?: He was cloned several times
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Darth Alema: I'm roaming around the Death Star when I see someone approach me. "Hello."


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RC or OC: OC

Name: Darth Alema (Formerly known Carmen Louise Portman)

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Species: Human

Homeworld: Unknown

Relationship status: Single

Family status: uh, no one.

Weapons: Two Single bladed curved red lightsabers

Alignments: Dark Empire, Lumiya's Sith, New Sith

Personality: Fierce, strong, power-thirsty, graceful, cruel, and rude

Known Lightsaber Forms: 1-4

Ship: none

Anything extra: Will fill in if ever needs to be

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 RC or OC?: RC

 Name: Han Solo

 Gender: Male

 Age: 69

 Species: Human

 Homeworld: Corellia
Relationship Status: Married

 Family Status: Husband of Leia Organa Solo, brother in-law of Luke Skywalker, Father of Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin Solo

 Allignment: House of Solo, Galactic Empire, Hutt Cartel, Alliance to Restore the Republic, Renegade Squadron, Alliance of Free Planets, New Republic, Bright Tree Village[4], Independent Shippers Association, Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, Five Worlds, later Confederation, Jedi Coalition

 Personality: Cocky, smart, brave, moody

 Weapon(s): DL-44

 Ship: Millennium Falcon
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Jaina: Stupid! This is all so stupid I tell you! Until Caedus is dead, I can't be a Jedi Master! This is so damn ridiculous! Why the hell do I have to fulfill my destiny before I become a Jedi Master? UGH! someone bumps into "Hey, watch it!" glares at them


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Name: Carson Uthan
Age: 23
Armor: Black armor to symbolize justice
Speaks: basic, mandalorian
Height: 6'4
Weapons: Blaster rifle, wrist mounted flame thrower
Equipment: Jetpack, mando armor
Culture: Mandalorian
Skills: Is a very good shot and can heal basic wounds
Force sensitive: no
Eye color: Steel grey
Hair color: Black
Faction: CIS
Weight: 180 pounds

Bio: Being the son of a separatist scientist and a mandalorian doctor has its advantages. He learned to embrace mandalorian culture at an early age, while also having skills in medicine. He is an extremely good fighter. During his childhood he traveled to Couroscant and was disgusted with what he saw. Everywhere he looked, criminals and dirty officials. Once he came of age, he became a vigilantly. He also pledged to protect his mother, no matter what. He grew up on Mandalore as a true Mandalorian, and hated the deathwatch.
He is a very skilled hunter.

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RC, OC, or MVC: RC

Name: Jaina Solo

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Species: Human

Homeworld: Coruscant

Family Status: Oldest Child of the Solo family, Daughter to Han and Leia Solo, twin sister of Jacen Solo, older sister of Anakin Solo, Niece to Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade, Cousin to Ben Skywalker

Weapon: A purple lightsaber, a blaster

Allignment: Jedi Master, Rebellion Pilot

Personality: Jaina is a very enthusiastic person who is often sarcastic and quite demanding. She is super overprotective, fierce and loyal. She isn't a fan of jokes and is angered easily. She is little bit like both her mother and father, but never tries to exactly be them. She is also very quick to react and has a short temper.

Anything extra?: Jaina is very force sensitive
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