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fire fist z was just messing around in the training room like always, setting dummies on fire by complete accident as well as almost setting the entire room on fire

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Name- Cindy

Last Name- Unknown

Age- 17

Gender- Female

Father- The Joker
Mother Unknown
Siblings- none open

Hero/Villain- Villain

Personality- Cold hearted, psycho, Jerk to some people

Abilities- Can create potions of different sorts, Great at hand to hand combat

Powers- None

Weapons- kind of like a shredder thing...

Allies- Open

Crush- Open

Relationship- Open

Liking- her old man, horrors, Pe, Sleeping, Science

Disliking- Maths, Bright colors like pink, People talking about her old man

Bio- Classified
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Name: Alex Todd aka Kid Lantern
Gender: Trans but classifies herself as a girl.
Age: 14
Powers: Green Lantern based
Parents: Jason Todd and unknown mother
Bio: Jason Todd gave her to Nightwing when she was 5 because he wanted her to have a better life. She lived and trained with him, the Justice League became her second family. When she was 10 Green Lantern gave her a lantern ring as a gift from the Guardians, but no one knows why. 

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Sorry i'm late miss

It's okay it's your 1st day but if you are late again detenton

Yes miss

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Wow today was a good day i got a new best friend and no merskake well maby a frue but they not love merstake like what happond at the bigging of the year

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Hi supergirl
Hi um whats your name again
Oh my name is Stydia
Oh okay hay,wedey for class stydia
Yes oh shoot i'm late for class
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I Just got back from shopping and i got headphonse and now i can lision to my fave songs

Good night

Perinscerbal waller I'm just going shopping with my friend Ashlynn reddy Ashlynn

i was in the training room training by fighting fake super villains then I start doing the obstacle course
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