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Turning the corner in the performance of my duties
To keep safe my shipmates while drinking other than Dogals,
Hoping for peace and no one gets to stinky.
Alas though, it isn't going to happen this evening.

On second floor where music's blaring
Two square off with each other glaring,
One is tall and muscular with a strong bearing.
The other squat, incoherent and weaving.

When push come from squat the tall fends it off,
Then push comes again and again tall has had enough
The punch drives home and squat from his feet falls,
With tall following with not one or two, but three malls.

Blood flows freely as squat now lies unmoving
Tall retreats, wipes his hand on bar towel uncaring,
SP banner on my arm orders tall to stand alone.
Squat's no problem, lying there with no one to call his own.

Medics carry squat away,
Tall has his order to stay,
As reports are made,
So tall's Captain can determine his fate.

Three day hence it's saddened to hear
Squat lost his sight in front of the right ear.
Tall paid a fine so I hear
And squat lost his career.

The Breakup

The time has come for us to part.
Confronting true feelings
That have been weighing on my heart.
Finally deciding to
Walk off the dance floor.
This back an forth tango
I refuse to do anymore.
I say, "goodbye"
To all negative energy.
This breakup has been long overdue.
The new love of my life
Is peace of mind and no longer you.

-Rebecca Skylar™

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Engaging the reader is what creative writing is all about

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He said life is too short...!
Life is too short, and some people think we shall take it easy. However, some others do not agree. Our song today is very traditional, and it was written by William butler Yeat.

Best  regards,  
Ehssan Subhi Dannouf (Mr.Dannouf)
A freelance songwriter, a creative short story writer, a poet, a translator, a web-content writer and an illustrator.


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