You should all go check out Lps green Paws, she would immensely appreciate it!

Hi, I joined today! I haven't actually made a video, but I'm planning to soon, and I'm trying to learn tips for editing and filming. My videos will be diys lifestyle, beauty, and comedy
I'm really confused about the whole law for copyrighted music, and which music I can use, I know that you have to use remixes,but do I have to give a disclaimer or say who made the remix? If you know things about editing please let me know.

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Just joined <3

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Yo check out my channel

Camila, thank you SO MUCH for joining!😁

For small YouTubers who want their channels to grow! I haven't started yet but, here, is home! 😉

Thank you First World for being the first to join YouTube City, I really appreciate your efforts!😉
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