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Nabakalebar Festival 2015 Puri
Get The opportunity To See Changing Idols of Puri Temple
Nabakalebar is all about transformation of Puri temple, Odisha lords into the new body. The new wooden idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Goddess Subhadra and Sudarshan are welcoming to the temple with great celebration and it is a great occasion for Odisha people. The new idols are carved and old ones are cremated with rituals mentioned in the century old Odia scriptures.

Depend on the almanac positions of Hindu calendar the transformation or the Nabakalebar takes place once in every 12 to 19 years. Usually it is held in that year when the month of Ashadha is followed by another Ashadha. The previous Nabakalebars were taken place in the years like 1969, 1978 and 1996 and this year again all devotees are getting the opportunity to see changing form of lords.

From a religious point of view the temple management and priest have to identify the holy tree with a group of search team as prescribed in the temple records. They trace the trees with support of divine dream, then next they start their stopover at Kakatpur, the abode of Goddess Mangala. After that carving of the idols, transfer of Bramha from old to new idol and finally sacred burial of old bodies of Lords are the major rituals which are combinely named as the process of Nabakalebar.

With the forthcoming Nabakalebar even at Puri to be held in this year 2015, are in the process. Both age-old complicated religious rituals leading to preparation of wooden idols to huge preparation on infrastructure from keeping in view massive transformation of devotees. To do everything in order, Puri Government is working on crowd management, law and order, health issues, transport services, parking facilities, safety measurements to give a hassle free service to meet the deadline well in advance.

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Puri the spiritual capital of the state and popularly known as Jagannath Puri. Nilachala, Nilagiri, Niladri, Purusottam Khetra, Srikhetra, Shreekhetra and Sankha Khetra, occupies a significant place in the map of torism and field of spiritualism of the country for its magnificent culture and striking beauty. In the 8th century A.D. Adi Sankaracharya toured this entire country on foot to unite it culturally by generating an atmosphere of mutual understanding and reciprocal fellow felling and in course of this journey, he visited this temple city perhaps in the year 810 A.D. and established a 'Matha' known as 'Govardhan Pitha' which still reminds the tourists regarding the great tradition of this sacred city and unparalleled philosophy of 'Advaitavada' or monism of Acharya Sankar. Adi Sankaracharya also took adequate care of the temple of Lord Jagannath, which, as per mythological narrations, was existent in this Neeladri or blue mountain from time immemorials and introduced a svstematic ritualistic procedure inside the temple as a result of which the idols of Sankaracharya and his disciple, Sri Padmapadacharya, who adorned the Govardhan pith as its first pointiff were installed on the 'Ratnasimhasana' of Lord Jagannath. Although Puri is famous for Lord Jagannath and known as Jagannath Puri, other deities like Shubhadra, Balabhadra and Sudarshan are also worshipped in the main temple. All these four deities are called 'Chaturdha Murty'. Puri, the sacred place of pilgrimage, is situated on the sea i.e. Bay of Bengal. The climate of this temple city is very moderate. The main two attractions of this city are famous Jagannath Temple and finest Sea beach. This sacred tract is said to resemble in shape a conch-shell, sankha, which is one of the four ayudhas of Vishnu, others being chakra (discus), gada (mace) and padma (lotus). Puri is known as Sankhakhetra and Bhubaneswar, Jajpur and Konark are respectively called Chakrakhetra, Gadakhetra, and Padmakhetra .

Puri is very famous for its sandy beaches and temples. Get to know some very Interesting facts and figures about Puri, Orissa.

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