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You woke up with a slight headache. You find yourself in a chair. You're not tied to it, but something prevented you from moving. You could make out a table with a white table cloth and a chandelier above you

Your vision clears and you see a glass of red wine in front of you. The smell was pretty strong. You looked across the table to see me, a man with white hair and red eyes. I had a slight smile on my face. I had a glass of wine in front of me as well.

You've never seen a man who looked so...different from others. You had a strange feeling that this was not going to be good, especially if you tried to run. I smiled a bit bigger, and I spoke. My voice sent chills down your spine... hello...long time no see...Vanessa

((vampire rp, possible romance but can go anywhere, female needed, or at least female character. The time period is 2016))


Decent grammar, we all make mistakes but I'll be able to tell if you're not trying
NO TEXT TALK unless your character is saying "omg" I know some people say that in real life
Give me a response, if you comment "......" expect me to ignore you
I don't care how long your response is, but give me something to work with.
Also, if romance occurs do not expect it to happen in a day or less, that's not how it works
No god mod
Also I'd prefer you to be a normal human, but if you want to have powers just tell me okay^^

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No text talk

Nothing sexual

Decent grammar
You were fishing at the docks and after a few hours you decided to go back home. You started packing up when you saw me (pic) bleeding from various areas

I looked terrified and I kept looking back, paranoid about something. I tripped and fell ah!

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Name: Zévra Kéntavros
Age: 25 
Species: Centaur
Gender: Female
Alive or dead: Alive
Like: Music, Black roses, gentle sunlight
Dislikes: Being alone, Lies
Bio:My name is Zévra, Yes I am a Centaur of half zebra and human. I have horns only because once
I was adopted by Zeus that was the way of telling us apart from the others who were not.
My birth parents are Lxion and Nephele so i never met them. I have been alone my whole life. Zeus gave me my bow and arrows and I taught myself how to use my magic. Being a warrior is a lot of hard work and I leave out of random so finding a boyfriend is rather hard. I hope to find someone soon. For now I am on vacation until farther notice.
Appearance: Long silky jet black hair, Red eyes, purple jeweled necklace and belt.[Look at pictures]
Personality: Cautious, sassy, serious, protective. 
Abilities: Archery and magic (healing, death, light, enchantment)
Height: 5'0"  
Weight:440 pounds
All credit goes to Micheal Anthony "MICTONES" Gonzales for the pictures. 
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'Ash to ash, dust to dust...that's part of the age old crap in the for me? I like it more like "Earth is hell, Heaven is hell, hell is life" '

NAME: Ricktoven Deminshi vodnik the third

ALIAS: Vlad the medic, hellstrom

AGE: 20

GENDER: Of course I'm male, what do you think I am?

Species: Human

Occupation: Alchemist, Medic

APPEARANCE: as below

PERSONALITY:  he is calm, collective, melancholy, and strict.

POWERS/ ABILITIES: Metalic hell storm - This is his last resort, he uses this to send a large amount of gears at his opponent, though this quickly drains him of his energy.

Alchemic style: Dog army - He can send a mini squad of mechanical hounds to attack his enemies.

Alchemic style: Mechanical decoy - He uses this to make an exact metalic replica of him so that he himself don't die

WEAPONS: The knife in the picture, and any other metal he usually has under his jacket.

LIKES: calm places, watching children play, his mechanical dog, Rover.

DISLIKES: When someone pisses him off, harsh treatment towards children.

STRENGTHS: As long as he has enough energy and enough metal around, he can be pretty powerful.

WEAKNESSES: If he runs out of metal, he can't use any of his powers, so he tends to run off, and he will do anything to protect a child.

BIOGRAPHY: He was ten when he was forced to learn about alchemic properties, He was also abused if he wasn't doing something right, so he tends to care a great deal about children during his older years. He's also a well known user of medicine, as he also practiced to be a doctor, though that was cut short when the doctors told him he would never be able to become one, though he still dreamed, and became a successful medic instead.

AFFILIATIONS: None so far.

THEME SONG/ SONGS: Centuries by fallout boy, and Heat Haze Days
 Byyyy (I dunno XD)
(I've noticed I haven't had a profile here! Sooo, yea, here it is :P)

"'s morning and I've already got someone ringing the door bell..." The old medic murmured as he slowly rose from his bed and stretched. "I wonder why..." He had a long streak of medical problems he had to deal with and too little time to take a break, so he just had this to do after work: Eat and sleep. He slipped on his usual attire and grabbed his medical bag, walking towards the door before opening it. "Yes..?" He asked, looking outside calmly
(Open Roleplay, just no one liners!)

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Cora staggered towards Decha and Thorace's residence, clutching the area where her right kidney was located. Blood seeped through her pale hands, and small amount of blood oozed from a bruised corner of her lip. What had happened to her? She simultaneously collapsed to the ground, breath knocked out of her lungs as she couldn't support herself. Lying vulnerable in front of the residence, her chest rose and sank heavily.

{+Hell Panda / +Many Colors}

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|| Name ||

Premateria (Alici & Roray)

|| Age ||



|| Gender ||




|| Species ||




|| Personality ||

She is friendly, and approachable. Though, she's considered rude because she can be very SASSY and sarcastic at times. She considers herself humorous because of her sarcasm. She gets highly concerned about nearly anything, and she's very caring about her friends. She's creative, and a complete perfectionist at times. Prone to mood swings, depression/suicidal episodes, and other things.

She is quiet, and fearful. She usually avoids human contact and tends to hide in alleyways or any dark space. She suffers from short term memory loss, and she's a kleptomaniac. She has knowledge about all her abilities, and she thinks her name is 'Premateria'.

He is arrogant and malicious. His only morals are murder and violence. He usually takes things by force, and never says anything. He's fast, and likes to make his victims suffer.

|| Appearance ||

Premateria is naturally platinum blond, but people might see her with silver or full blond hair. Her eyes are a deep blue.

As Alici and Roray are just personalities, they carry Premateria's appearance. The only differences is when Roray is in control, her eyes become blood red, and when Alici is in control, she looks between the ages of 9 and 12.

|| Abilities ||

Physical Imagination:
She can imagine things into a physical form. Whatever she imagines can't be digested, because there's an appalling taste that comes along with it, which poisons the body. This ability doesn't affect normal imagining, it's only activated when she really wants it. She can make anything appear, except animals. Though, she makes it out of the energy of an object. Like, she can pull object out of other objects.
((Kinda like this: and this I think you get what I mean))

She can lift objects with her mind. This is usually how she steals things. Also works on energy; she can suck out the energy of things. Demon and neon energy are the most powerful for her.

She can manipulate, and generate electricity with her mind.

Energetic Travel:
She can travel through the energy around her. It may be fossil energy, neon energy, electric energy, bioenergy, etc. She can do this as long as she wants, hopping from energy source to energy source. Usually, what ever she travels through faults. For example, if she travels through petroleum energy of a car, the car may break down.

Energetic Infusion:
She can infuse energy into just about anything. Depending on the object, it might have an effect on it. If it's food, it increases the energy it contains.

World of Perfection:
She can travel to a paradise of her own. Its inhabitants are animals 030, and everything is a figment of her imagination, yet it's all real. She rarely brings anyone to this world, because they might get trapped. Also, she can only open the portal once a day.

Sonic Scream:
When she's distressed, or someone's trying to attack her, she lets out an earpiercing scream that is high pitched. Only the person who it's directed at has an effect to it. The air around her ripples and her body seems to flume. Her eyes shine a blinding blue, and she usually takes a few steps back, if she's able to. The sound paralyses her enemy, and may even make them deaf temporarily.

|| Perks ||
Her healing process is quicker than normal,
She has basic knowledge on medicine,
She's physically and mentally resilient,
She can see the souls of the dead,
Her hair grows faster than a normal person,
She is immune to drugs and disease,
She cannot gain weight,
Her hearing, agility, nimbleness, vision, etc is enhanced,
She has a higher memory capacity (Premateria),
She can make realistic animal noises,
She can become invisible,

|| Biography ||
Premateria, in fact suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. She doesn't remember much about her childhood (all will be revealed through role-play), because of all the jumbled memories from her other personalities, thus counteracting each other and mashing up into her confusion about who she is (this is why Alici asks who she is). All she knows that she was raped and abused by her adoptive father (as her parents both died when she was about 4) at the age of 11, therefore traumatising her and creating here multiple personalities. She isn't aware that she was the daughter of two fallen angels, making her an angel. If it wasn't for her imagination, she wouldn't have known English.

|| Likes ||

|| Dislikes ||

|| Songs ||
Nitrix - Fluidity (Exclusion Remix):
SprightS - Ice Cage:
Panda Eyes - ILY:
Condukta - Binary Wind: Ava3 - Thigh High:
Premateria (About time, eh?)
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anyone wanna rp? tis so bored...
Animated Photo

A distressed female ran through the streets of Day City, tears flying behind her. She was drenched, and she stunk of sea water. Her blue hair looked silky, and her cheeks were smeared with blood. Her face looked plastic and her eyes looked like deep whirlpools. She was screaming something, supposedly someone's name.
"Ark! Ark! Has anyone seen Ark?!"
Most people shrugged it off and ignored her, which made her break down in the middle of the street. She started to sob slurred lines, covering her face.

((+мιѕѕ нeтαlια))

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Name: Mathias Andersen / Daan van Dijk
Age: Unknown. Somewhere around 200 years / 24 years old
Dead/Alive: Alive
Species: Demon / Human
Occupation: None
Mathias has the ability to manipulate people's inner organs. This power can be deadly or benign, depending on how it's used. However, he almost never uses it, since he thinks it's like cheating. Most of the times when he actually does use it are accidental, a reflex rather than a conscious decision.
Both prefer to use themselves in combat, and have knowledge of martial arts such as muay Thai and taekwondo. They are more comfortable in close combat than long-distance fighting, but are also rather proficient with their individual weapons.
Mathias has one of those really big war axes. It looks cool, but is very heavy, although he's used to its weight by now. Anyone else trying to pick it up is bound to have some trouble, but he can use it with ease.
Daan uses a crossbow that he made himself from a yew tree that once grew in his yard. It's pretty easy to use, but looks more complicated than it really is. He'd much rather just pound someone into the ground with his bare hands than use his crossbow, however. It's more of a last resort, really.
Appearance: // do I really need this? I mean, like, really- //
Likes: Loud music (like, as in so loud you can hear it down the block), painting (especially landscapes), dolphins (they're so smart and cute), humans (mostly because they're so trusting, and therefore easier to destroy. Also, he thinks they taste good), knives (they're so sharp, and yet so hard to kill someone with) / Cute animals (especially if they're friendly), pancakes (obvious reasons), knowledge (he hates not knowing things), books (even though he can't read, he really likes the smell), friendly people (he really likes talking to people)
Dislikes: Carrots (they're effective weapons in a pinch, but they taste like dirt), being made fun of (he will get his revenge), trees (enemies could be hiding in them), sunlight (he thinks that it's going to burn him), fire (see above), coffee (it tastes even more like dirt than carrots) / Being called bossy (it happens surprisingly often), people who avoid him on purpose (it makes him really mad and he hates being mad), spicy foods (too hot for him), repetitive songs (they're really annoying), fancy chefs (they're so stuck-up and pompous)
Bio/History: Daan caught Mathias' eye at some point, and they've been together ever since. Mathias mostly just wants to eat Daan's soul, but Daan kind of has a huge crush on him, so he doesn't mind so much.
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