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What??? 😨. He is personally attacking those with disabilities. He is not those people. He does not know what they goe thru on a day to day basis because number 1 he's not around them 24/7 and number 2 he's not them!!!. 😡😡😡. Some people are as cruel enough to try to out smart deaf, hard of hearing, learning disabled and other mental disabilities to over power them and put strain on them when they are already facing sever disabilities that render them unable to hold a job. In other words torture!!!!! Me for instance who has DDD of my spine which hurts every day. DDD of the spine is no little back pain but a serious incurable condition in which if a person has surgery has no garrintee if it will inprove enough to return to SGA. As a matter of fact those who have surgery usually don't improve and I found this to be fact thru much research. Yes I did my homework like a good little girl. It's not like I thought when I was working several years ago ok when I turn 55 I will become disabled and have to draw SSDI. It don't work like that. In fact disability does not discriminate against age; people do. 😡😡😡😡😡😡. How would certain people feel if they were in that situation huh???? They certainly would not like being treated that way.

Hi, I am new to this. I am a 47 yr old female on disability and desperately need help finding the right help to start healing my complex ptsd and any other possible health challenges.
I live in South Dakota and there is only one time a week counseling for 1 hour for helping someone with complex ptsd and prescriptions that have made me worse. I only have 1 kidney and 1 adrenal gland. 
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