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Ocean: giggles
Me: sleeping +Drakus Hoovley 
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Ocean: kisses back
Me: sleeps
Ocean: I love you Daisy. +Drakus Hoovley 
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practices my my singing with my brother Ocean singing a song called choose me

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Name: shard
Family: none
Age: 15
Race: demonic merman
Gender: male
Likes: protecting others, music, and anything sharp and pointy
Dislikes: all others
Desires: none
Occupation: mercenary
Personality: quiet, aggressive, and very protective
Bio: doesn't talk to anybody about that

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wakes up inside an abyss where am I? (Open to any)

swims  around town lost and confused but then I bump into a merman and I back away sorry for that.... sir.... I beg your forgiveness.  *bows*

Wolf swims through town in is GW form

Name: Wolf ((full name: Captain Sea Wolf, but he goes by Wolf))
Brother(s): none
Age: about 18
Species: Shark, but can turn into merman and human ((and werewolf when on land))
gender: male
likes: being alone, hunting
Dislikes: happy people
Desires: none (at the moment)
Occupation: none, but he will kill others for money
Personality: dark, quiet, dunno of other good words to describe him, hating
Bio: After his parents abandoned him at the age of 3 when he needed and loved them most, he forgot how to love and trust, and is not willing to try and learn again, in case he's abandoned again

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Name: Jade Shell
Brother(s): Ocean older brother age 20
Age: 14 but looks 18
gender: female
likes: sing, draw, my older brother Ocean. children, and romance novels(manga or visual), wolves, sharks too.
Dislikes: being lied to, or seeing a animal hurt. or even myself getting hurt
Desires: a man who will commit to a long lasting relationship and who is willing to have children. and he loves me for me. or to restart my life with my brother and his true love.
Occupation: Princess of the sea kingdom Alister
Personality: kind, loving, caring, mean when needed to, and nice.
Bio: after my mother died my father remarried  a woman with a child,  Ocean. I also saw that I loved to see the human world, so I wonder around a lot, hoping to find the one. but other than being a princess of Alister it's all good. but has bad sense in direction so I always get lost. and yet I love wolves if I see one I will go after it that is if I had legs. but then he died and then the wife and the 2 other children died. so I'm really looking forward to be  well part of family.
Powers: Singing that puts people in a trance when I want to. talking to animals, and water magic
other: restarting my life
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