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Enjoying a hike near my home.

Many diverse stories.

Theology, bah. In another place and time all gods can't be trusted. I challenge the establishment in Theology beliefs.

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What am I but a dream,
Passing pale as moonlight
Soft as clouds
To that eternal waking?

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Quantum Entanglement

There is something that over comes someone
When they see the person that they are meant to spend
Not just a lifetime with but an eternity beside
Yet it’s a forsaken notion lost to this modern forsaken world 

For you see beauty can be found everywhere 
Even among that which is the most unholy  
Although this phenomena that I speak of transcends that of the soul

Thereby that of two are fated to intertwine 
As a quantum entanglement like no other

Because if one did not exist then neither would the other
Forever bound to each other 
So much so that even if they hated each other, 
They would always need and cherish the other

Like the eerie daunting shaded night preordained to the glorious golden clouded day

Therefore it could seem like a curse and a blessing to find said person 
For it would be heaven sent, yet hell driven
Together a romantically flawed thus flawed with romance 

Still I believe our purpose is to find that inspiration that keeps us living 
To grab hold to the destiny that lies before us
And simply I ask this question 
How long would another be willing to wait for their true Love…

... Because Love is that which sits as the most sacred 
Yet the concept of it now has been tainted by man’s sacrilege 
Sinfully confused by a burning lust and a misunderstood infatuation 
Caused by the obsession once lost to our broken hearts…

Nevertheless I need to know
Seeing as how I am waiting with a fool's ambition 

~ Paradise’s Poet ~ 

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The Moon Dressed In White

Red wine for the moon dressed in white
And for the majestic fowls that were not black scorn ravens
But, that of divine doves fooled by the first sight of their own shadows

The birds of paradise
Which harbors over the edges of my fragile life
As if they were the angels of death waiting to claim my soul

Therefore, when I look up to heaven and see their feathers slipping from the sky
I image a volver of forsaken spirits dancing in the sun
Intertwining forever in the roots of heaven’s discord
But always reaching for the doors of their own salvation

A translation similar to the fallen puzzle pieces that were once etched in stone 
There only to engrave a crucified parallel premonition
Perceiving vivified visual visions peerless to a decaying world

Thus having time stand in the ruins belonging to those
Which have deemed themselves as intellects
With a vine of dissolution found wanting within the holy halls of judgement
As roses bloom beneath the footsteps of a sacred virgin
Lost hymns of three kings and of seven stars shall revive a dying Lazarus

The biblical shell of light that lingers upon my window…

Although, some would say part take of the devil’s fruit
Because the peach is so much sweeter
Yet, my eyes have been fixated towards those moon-lit humbling clouds

…A trifling thing I suppose… 

~ Paradise's Poet ~

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